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May 21, 2014, 09:49 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

The feature film, One Last Time, directed by city-based youngster Prathmesh KriSang is in its last leg of completion and is seeking crowdfunding from people

Based on the true story of four friends, the film One Last Time, directed by Prathmesh KriSang depicts Assam back in 1998. It was a time characterised by political unrest, extremism and violence. With few films highlighting the North East, the 40 minute film is a brave attempt by the Pune lad and his team.

Poster of the film One Last Question

Speaking about the movie, KriSang says, “I was reading a blog by my friend Manjit Nath from whose life the story is inspired. I was fascinated by his story and in July 2013 I decided to make a film out of it. It revolves around four friends who end up getting involved with the extremist militant outfit ULFA. However, one of the boy’s father guides them to a brighter path. Though I had never been to Assam, the patriot in me wanted to make the film badly.”

Prathamesh KriSang

The film also got noticed by two legendary names from the industry: actor Adil Hussain and theatre director Sukracharya Rabha.

KriSang shares, “It was a noble gesture by these artistes to be associated with our film. After a one-hour meeting with Rabha, I ended up getting his assistance for our project. He has a training institute in Agia near Assam where we were shooting. He helped us to get Adil Hussain involved as well. He loved the story so much that he decided to give us a day’s time; we ended up shooting for two days with him. It was a great experience for us youngsters.”

Though 70% of the filming was completed in remote locations of Assam; to complete the remaining portion of the movie and post-production work, they need funds. Hence, the crew has started a crowdfunding campaign. “Such a film needs a lot of money to shoot on remote locations and in severe conditions. The surplus funds will be used to screen the film all over Assam and at international film festivals.”

KriSang adds that no government alone can control or change the deep rooted conceptions of people, and a medium like films can help change thoughts. “Films have a potential to reform a person and change his life. Crowdfunding will make our film possible,” concludes the dedicated filmmaker.

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