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Aug 04, 2013, 05:32 IST | Phorum Dalal

Watch a concert at blueFrog and be part of a crowdfunding project for relief work in Uttarakhand

Stephanie Fernandes, a 24-year-old copywriter, along with her friend Juhi Khanna founded You For Uttarakhand, an initiative to crowd fund a music concert and donate the proceeds in aid of the victims of the Uttarakhand flood.

Band members of Spud in the Box

The concert, which will be held at blueFrog, will see artistes and bands, including Blackstratblues, The Siddharth Basrur Project, Spud in the Box, The Other People and Square Routes and Ryan Dias.

All monetary gains from ticket sales and other activities will be donated to Save the Children -- an NGO that is working to support those affected by the Flash floods in June. “Juhi and I donated to an NGO and helped in our personal capacity. But I knew that was not enough. That’s when I had my Eureka moment of using the uniting powers of music to get young people to come together and contribute to Uttarakhand. Meanwhile, Juhi approached blueFROG with this idea,” says Fernandes.

“I received help from so many friends, friends of friends, colleagues and even my bosses,” says Fernandes, who hopes the event will see a large turn out so that the generous donation can be made for the victims.

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