You can spot Saturn today

Apr 28, 2013, 00:33 IST | Agencies

The planet comes closest to Earth than it will till 2023

Saturn will be visible directly opposite the sun this evening, Bharat Adur, chief of Akash Ganga Centre for Astronomy, said, explaining that the position is called ‘Saturn opposition’ .

Saturn will be visible throughout tonight to the naked eyes

“Though Saturn coming close to Earth is a regular annual phenomenon, 2013 is significant since it will remain the closest encounter till 2023,” said Adur.

This evening, Saturn will be seen rising in the east at sunset and set the next morning, on Monday, at sunrise.

It will be visible all night as a very bright star, without a twinkle, with naked eyes, and even its rings shall be visible with binoculars.

The last time, Saturn came close to Earth was April 15, 2012 and the next time it will be May 10, 2014, but the affinity of 2013 will be only witnessed after another decade.  

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