You have a visitor, Saif

May 20, 2012, 07:26 IST | Subhash K Jha

Remember Tarina Patel, whose father and husband were allegedly roughed up by Saif Ali Khan and his friends, in March this year? She is back in the city to fight for justice

So you’re back in Mumbai to pursue your fight for justice?
Yes. Did people really think I’d disappear like a bad dream? The cops will file the chargesheet any time now. 

You were quiet for a while...
I had other duties and commitments. There were birthdays in the family, including mine. We haven’t stopped enjoying life just because we’ve been through a horrific experience with an Indian celebrity.

So you’ll to pursue this till the end?
It is not a negotiable matter for me. I was told that my safety was at risk and that I will not be allowed to work here (in Bollywood). But I am a gutsy girl. I’m going ahead with what I have set out to do.

Bollywood thought the matter had ended.
How wrong they are!

Is your husband not joining you in Mumbai in this fight?
He is not needed here. The law will take its own course. I just have to go by the book.

A lot of people in Bollywood believe you’re doing this for publicity.
My father was roughed up. Is that good publicity? You know I stayed away from the press. I spoke only to you.

How long will you be in Mumbai?
I’m here till the first week of June. Then I’ll travel. But I’ll keep tabs on the case.

What is your message to Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor?
They must treat fame with more respect, as it is short-lived. They’ll blink, and one day they’ll both be fat and 40, and it’ll be over.

Let’s not get personal.
I know. I’m just venting my anger. I want them to know this isn’t a publicity statement. Would your daughter watch you being humiliated and violated?

You seem convinced of your stance.
They’re in the wrong and being so bi***y about it! I want to ask the Nawab where his chivalry is. He’s being so nasty about it. If he is a prince, he should conduct himself like one.

Has Saif tried to contact you?
No. I am sure he has my number. Has he made one call? Not that it would help. If one has broken the law, it isn’t a personal attack.  

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