You might not be able to swallow this

Published: Dec 21, 2012, 10:57 IST | Hassan M Kamal |

Irish sword swallower Murray Molloy is in Mumbai to display the dangerous art of swallowing swords

Murray Molloy was just 18 years when he first tried his hands with fire eating. He was in desperate need for some financial support and high-risk adventure activities seemed a very profitable option. Molloy enjoyed the risk and took to the streets of Ireland, with like-minded people, looking for more dangerous games. And by 21, he was a trained sword swallower.

The Irish sword swallower is currently in the city showcasing his unique talent. Inspired by the popularity of high-risk street shows in the US, Molloy and several others formed their own groups and started practicing on their own. Some help came through books, and some through meeting people who could do that. “We would train for hours, often guiding each other and sharing tips.

But I learnt most of the techniques on my own,” he reveals. Molloy began with one or two plain swords, and over time, has mastered the art of swallowing curved swords. “While swallowing curved swords I have to bend my body, and the blade almost touches my heart,” he says.

Molloy has been touring in India for the last two months doing shows in various cities and Mumbai is the last leg of his India tour. He will be performing at Mood Indigo, today and on Sunday.

Ask him why he chose a dangerous activity like this as a profession, and the artiste replies, “I love playing with danger. Putting my life at risk by swallowing swords gives me an adrenaline rush that no other activity has been able to match.” After a brief pause, he adds, “I got into this because I wanted to have a very strong experience. Here, I have to control my body and mind so much that it takes me to a completely different world. And to be able to do that is a huge reward.”

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