You Season 2 Web Series Review: 'Love' makes 'You' do many things, good and bad

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You, released on Netflix on December 26, has got grittier, darker, and of course, bolder with its second instalment. Starring Penn Badgley, Victoria Pedretti, You Season 2 will give you answers to why Joe Goldberg is a sadistic degenerate man.

You Season 2/picture courtesy: YouTube
You Season 2/picture courtesy: YouTube

You Season 2
A; Psychological thriller, Crime Fiction
Developed by: Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble
Cast: Penn Badgley, Ambyr Childers, Victoria Pedretti, James Scully
Rating: rating

Before we tell you what we thought of season 2, let's take a look at the first part of the much-talked-about psychological drama based on the book by the same name, You, by Caroline Kepnes. Season 2, starring Penn Badgley, Ambyr Childers, Victoria Pedretti, James Scully among others, has a whole new obsession to unfold in every episode. The series not only highlights the cause and effect of unhealthy relationships, but also makes it the perfect crime fiction series to binge on this weekend!

What happened in 'You'?

In the first season, Joe Goldberg, an obsessive lover, who falls in love with every other woman at the very first sight, always has something new to unravel about the women he falls for! To boost his ego and prove himself right all the time, he goes on to woo the lady. The owner of a bookshop, Joe, played by Penn Badgley, falls hard for Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail), so hard that he makes her an obsession, an obsession that he doesn't want to get over.

The main characters of the series - Joe and his superego - make sure they don't let their ladylove give up on him. His addiction to fixing everyone's life, especially of those he loves, makes him do things that he terms 'accidents.' Be it killing people, stalking them, burglary and many other crimes, Joe always has an explanation for them.

Here's how Season 2 of You begins...

After killing Beck in the last episode, Joe Goldberg has now changed the city. His journey from well-settled and crime-proof New York house to Los Angeles isn't for fun or a new hunt. In fact, Joe's ex-lover, Candace Stone (Ambyr Childers), whom he wants to save from the world, beats death and is back in his life. She not only blackmails him and threatens to expose his reality, but she also wants him to pay for what he has done. Joe, being good at what he is, manipulates Candace in a coffee shop and escapes to LA. His twisted brain starts working as soon as he lands to a new land. To keep himself busy and away from committing 'crimes', Joe needs a new project, someone new to fix. The obsessive lover gets what he wants as he reaches his new apartment.

Watch Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti-starrer You Season 2 trailer here:

For Joe, becoming a good person was aggravating and exhausting than ever! But he does everything for 'Love' (Victoria Pedretti) as the episodes proceed. Before we dissect Joe's new character sketch as a lover, let us take a look at what happens in the second season. Joe Goldberg is now Will Bettelheim. Will steals a person's identity and makes him his new puppet in the glass box. To sizzle up the drama, Joe also thinks he sees Beck in between, which he thinks is real, but she's already dead. Courtesy: Joe's underground dungeon, and, of course, an accident.

After this identity theft, Will, who saw Love at a flower shop, makes her a new project, and all he wants now is to make it look like serendipity so she falls for him. And surprise surprise, that's what happens. Love owns an organic cafe, along with her twin brother Forty (James Scully). The Quinn siblings are loaded with money and secrets. All Will wants is Love to fall for him the way no one ever did before, and she actually does. Her obsession towards Will heightens so much that she ends up protecting him in a way Joe would protect his lovers.

As Will unveils what's up with the brother-sister duo's obsession with each other, he meets their parents, making things nothing but weirder. Again, serendipity works its magic and makes Forty fall in love with Amy Adams, who is none other than Candace Stone. Identity theft reboot. In this entire cat and mouse chase, some more people get hurt, some more crimes are committed, and again, some more secrets are revealed.

Amy claims that she is protecting the most-powerful Quinns from Joe's sadism, as she doesn't want Love to end up the way she did, in the woods, buried alive 'accidentally'. Oh, of course, there's a YouTube celebrity who dies, too, and Will thinks he has done a huge favour on society by 'accidentally' killing a paedophile. This becomes more dramatic when Will/Joe tries to save the apartment manager Delilah and her teenage sister Ellie from the paedo.

As the episodes proceed, you'll realise that it was high time until Joe stopped blaming others for his wrongdoings and owns up to whatever he has done. And as soon as he starts doing it, all he encounters is own reflection. While in New York, Joe never met such cold-blooded murderers before, but LA city has a new chapter for this obsessed-lover. This cold, twisted, broken lover has a new face for love, which scares him as the series climaxes. The flashbacks to Joe's childhood, which is even more disturbing, tells us why Joe Goldberg is the way he is.

If you are in for a dramatic psychological thriller with loads of twists and crime, You Season 2 is a perfect binge-watch at the end of the year. With impeccable acting and visually aesthetic scenes, You 2 is worth a watch!

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First Published: 28 December, 2019 14:29 IST

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