Your chance to 'speed-date' in Kalbadevi

May 07, 2012, 06:11 IST | Aviva Dharmaraj

If you're hoping to find an answer to the question: Is s/he the one? Forget the swish clubs, the fancy five-stars and take your Mr/Ms Potential out to a thali joint instead

Clubs tend to be too loud, so there’s no scope for conversation (the reason conversation is called an ‘art’ is, I believe, because it’s dying), as for five-stars, there’s a tendency to be too polite (though, if s/he is rude to the wait staff, then there’s your clue).

I like to think of thalis as our answer to speed-dating. It’s where you get answers to those questions that tend to niggle at couples the moment the ‘Honeymoon’ is over. Questions like, ‘Will I be able to stand the way this person eats his/ her dinner?’, ‘Do I have the compassion to overlook that s/he has food stuck in their teeth?’, ‘Can I handle the awkward silences?’.

At this thali joint in Kalbadevi, there will be lots of silences, because there is just so much to eat: four vegetables, two dals, phulkas, masala rotis, farsan, rice, and the seasonal favourite: aamras that’s available throughout the month of May and right up to mid-June. If you’re looking for different answers, it’s still worth stopping by for a home-style meal or just a bowl of aamras.

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