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Apr 20, 2014, 14:56 IST | The SMD Team

Wondering what to do this week? Then read our guide of the various activities and events around Mumbai that you can indulge in

The key of life
10 am to 6 pm: Egyptian pharaohs convinced society that they were immortals with the help of the Life Keys symbol, which they used as a tool to establish their authority. This exploitation lasted for centuries. Turkish artist Sefkat Islegen explores this concept in her new exhibition titled, Life Keys, which is organised by the Turkish Consulate.

Sefkat was impressed with the symbol when she was in Egypt, although she thought it was a fallacy. In this exhibition, she tries to relate it to modern-day life. She says, “Everybody has a key and an objective in life. It can be anything, such as money, art, love, beauty and nature, even though we’re unaware of it. On the other hand, we can be hit hard by self-centeredness if we become so obsessed with acheiving these goals. In my paintings, I have tried to explain life keys by abstracting them. The colour black is a constant in all my paintings as a uniting force. I attached more importance to hues, so I have used monochromatic shades.”
Where: The Loft, Mathuradas Mill Compound, Tulsi Pipe Road, Lower Parel
Call: 9769457917

Weekend Guide

An adult comedy for the young at heart
6 pm: Scam, Bam, Thank you M’am! Is a no-holds barred rib- tickling topical comedy, which portrays how messed up everything is in our ‘incredible India’. The satire takes pot-shots at everything and everyone — right from marital scams to political scams, the Indian Premier League, corrupt builders, out-of-range telecom services and volatile relationships.

Written and directed by Janak Toprani, it stars Shweta Gulati, Nehaa Mishra, Rahul Antani and Vaquar Sheikh.
Where: Canvas Laugh Factory, Third Floor, Palladium, Lower Parel
Entry: R1200 (inclusive of dinner)
Call: 9833180074 / 08758633222

Many shades of the city
7 pm: After the stupendous success of Wedding Album, actor-writer Girish Karnad and actor-director Lillette Dubey come together for their new play, Boiled Beans on Toast. It traces the interwoven lives of half-a-dozen people from diverse backgrounds who live in Bangalore. The story revolves around an old lady who unexpectedly discovers a passion for horse-racing; a small-town youth, who is devoted to his family and gets mesmerised by prospects of sudden prosperity; a trustworthy servant is discovered wandering aimlessly on the streets; and a not-very-bright maid learns to fight for survival within the confines of a kitchen. The cast includes Joy Sengupta, Meenal Patel, Deepika Amin, Avantika Akerkar and Maneesh Verma.
Where: Tata Theatre, National Centre for Performing Arts, Nariman Point
Call: 22824567

Rock chic
9 pm: listen to an eclectic mix of bands such as SystemHouse33, Sceptre and Trinergic perform live and belt out their favourite numbers as part of bluefrog’s Metal Night. SystemHouse33 is the first-ever metal band that was formed in Nagpur. The band eventually moved their base to Mumbai and stayed in the limelight, thanks to their music. Sceptre, India’s veteran thrash metal band, came out with their first album in 2008. Since then, they have performed at various festivals and enthralled audiences with their music.
Trinergic, a Mumbai-based metal band, uses several influences from a wide variety of subgenres in their music.
Where: blueFROG, Mathuradas Mills Compound, Lower Parel
Call: 40332300

All fool’s month
9 pm: Riding on the success of last year’s April Fool’s spoof-show, Comedy Central has decided to bring back three popular stand-up comedians, Suresh Menon, Anu Menon and Jose Covaco together, to celebrate Fool’s Month. Produced entirely in English, Fool’s Month is topical and looks at the current social-political situation in a lighter vein.
On: Comedy Central

Be a couch potato
3.30 pm: If you still haven’t watched the Hobbit and feel left out when friends are raving about the film, here’s a chance to catch it on television. The film is about a reluctant hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, who sets out to the Lonely Mountain to fight with the dragon Smaug. With a spirited group of dwarves, he sets out to reclaim their mountain home and the gold within it.
On: Sony Pix

Sing along, won’t you?
8 pm onward: The swinging chairs will not be the only attraction for you to walk into Copa. Whether you are a professional or a bathroom singer, flaunt your talent on the mike and shine like a rockstar. Exercise your vocal cords and take part in a karaoke session at Copa, Juhu.
At: Lanna Building, 13th Road,opposite Juhu Gymkhana, next to Natural Ice-cream, Juhu
Call: 26207733

Happy idli hours
10 am onward: Even if you are a teetotaler, you don’t want to miss these happy hours. Dig into piping hot dosas, idlis and filter coffee and lots of interesting trivia on the evolution of the food we eat, various communities, habits and cultures! Step out to rediscover Mumbai in a new light with Travel-Logs, a city walks and private tours company.
Where: 461, Durlabh NivasBhaudaji Road, Matunga East
Cost: Rs 990 per person for 2 hours
Starting point: Cafe Mysore
Call: 8425830004 or email at

Confessions of a mother
11 am to 7 pm: As part of the Mudra Dance Festival, Odissi dancer Jhelum Paranjape, along with her son Bunkim, will perform What is Motherhood? The duo will depict what a woman feels when she realises there is life inside her through dance. “It was exciting to feel a life inside me,” says Paranjape, adding that they will paint shades of motherhood such as a mother putting her child to sleep and thinking of her son who is killed in war.
Where: NCPA, Experimental Theatre, Nariman Point. Call: 66588997

Revisit a classic
6.30 pm onward: BCCA and Bhavan Kala Kendra in association with Cine Society presents Friday Classics — Sharda. Directed by LV Prasad, the film is a complicated love story between a wealthy man called Chiranjeev (Raj Kapoor) and his employee, Sharada (Meena Kumari) who is poor.
Where: SP Jain Institute of Management and Research Auditorium, Bhavans College campus. Munshi Nagar, Dadabhai Nagar Road, Andheri West. call: 26237454

Know your cocktails
6.30 pm: Online booking platform,, along with Road House Bluez, has organised a workshop on how to make cocktails from the scratch and take part in contests, too. Learn how to make cocktails, take part in drinking competitions and enjoy a three-course meal.
Where: Tokyo House, ground floor, JP Road, Andheri West
Cost: R1,299 per person
Call: 26730975

Wander in Worli
4 pm to 6 pm: Delve into a micro-culture existing right in the city's heart and get a sense of the Koli community. Share their space, explore their fishing space and wander around the narrow lanes and bylanes of a fishing village. Take in the sights and smells as the group makes its way to a small fort, which overlooks the the village and the Bandra-Worli Sea link.
Where: Near INS Trata, Worli Koliwada cost: R800 per person
Call: 9867764409

Inside and outside
April 24 onward, 9 am to 5 pm: A space specific show will be curated by Priyasri Patodia, featuring works by artists such as Alok Bal, Jagganath Mohapatra, Himanshu S and Zubin Driver. Mumbai-based theatre director and playwright Driver will read a 15-minute monologue called Playground, at 7 pm and 8 pm on April 23, a day before the exhibition starts.

Driver describes Inside Out by how people live. “In theatre and outside, the inner performer on the external stage and vice versa, silence, its subversion by words, and endless diversions where the outside loses its way in the ‘inside’,” he says, describing his work. For Mohapatra, who comes from a rural background, Mumbai’s skyscapers are a metaphor for people who migrate to the city. “What’s gone ‘in’ making of the city is forgotten, what’s ‘out’ prevails in the eyes and the perception of people like me, who come from rural areas and get infatuated with the verticals, but not for long,” he says. Himanshu’s work is a series that tells his story, through outside images. According to him, his works represent what he thinks of himself and how he wants people to perceive him. During his time spent at the gallery, Alok Bal strolled on the streets and gazed at the sea. “People stare at the sea, talk to the sea, ask questions, and wait, as if some echo will come from the other side, and they will get their answers to life. I sat on the sea face with questions until I forgot what the questions were,” he says. For Bal, the sea is a witness and a secret keeper. “It takes what you give but what it gives you is what your deep driving desire asks for,” he adds.
At: Priyasri Art Gallery, 42 Madhuli, Fourth floor, Shiv Sagar Estate, next to Poonam Chamber, Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli
Call: 24947673

Burger bonanza
Ongoing, 7 am to midnight: It’s difficult to bite into a yummy burger and resist the urge to go ‘mmmm’. Smoke House Deli has decided to satisfy our cravings by holding an ‘mmmBurger festival’. A number of juicy and innovative burgers such as Benedictor (grilled tenderloin patty, turkey pastrami, peppered egg, hollandaise), Beer and Cheese Burger (grilled tenderloin patty, rarebit, rucola, fried onions), Spicy Soya Chunks and Spinach Burger (three peppercorn cheese melt) are on the menu.
At: Smoke House Deli, Lower Parel at Unit No. 9G, Block No 3, High Street Phoenix; Bandra West at 320 Madhu Milan Building, BR Ambedkar Road, and Bandra Kurla Complex at shop 003 A, ground floor, FIFC Building, call: 24933222 for Lower Parel, 65287800 for Bandra West and 26530762 for BKC

In search of character
April 25, 5.30 pm: Theatre veteran Manoj Joshi will talk about his search for the character of Chanakya, which has remained with him through his life in theatre. Through anecdotes, stories and philosophy, this talk will provide an insight into the delightful, surprising and often deeply coincidental journeys that mark an artiste’s experience and will celebrate the lengths an actor will go to when he strives to find a character.
At: Somaiya Vidyavihar, Vidyavihar East
Entry: Free

Epic tales
On till April 30: Artist Ashok Bhowmick who has been showcasing his paintings for over four decades will display his work in an exhibition titled Epic on Rock Shelters. Bhowmick’s art is simple yet distinctive. He uses pen, ink and acrylic colours to create dramatic images. Inspired by human emotions and events, the paintings largely aim towards telling or emoting a story. He doesn’t restrict himself to paintings and also experiments with wood and bronze for sculptures with mostly animal and human representations, elaborately covered with crosshatches in mellow monotones.
Where: Cymroza Art Gallery, 72 Bhulabhai Desai Road, Breach Candy
Call: 23671983

Life through a picture
Saturday, 11 am to 6 pm: A picture is worth a thousand words. It not only tells you about events, histories but also about people and their affinities. The workshop titled Frame by Frame is a photo appreciation workshop led by French-Indian photographer, Fabien Charuau. The participants will learn to decipher intricate details and frameworks that compose a great photograph. This one-day workshop includes introduction to visual semiotics, reading and appreciating different genres of photographs, examining the Indian contemporary photography scene, examining new trends and envisioning the future of photography, this is something you might want to try.
Where: Avid Learning, Essar House, opposite Mahalaxmi Racecourse Fee: R2000 (including breakfast, lunch and snacks)
Call: 9819731922/9930134152

Shout out loud
Thursday, 8.30 pm onward: Come Thursday and Sceptre will pay tribute to rock music’s greatest name Metallica. The band will play Metallica’s all time hits from across albums like Master of Puppets, Magnetic Death, Kill ‘Em All among others. So bring some friends along for some head-banging and hard-core metal music.
At: Hard Rock Café, Worli
Call: 24382888
Entry: Rs 250 cover: Rs 500

In high spirits
On till April 22: If you are in the mood to discover something new in the city, head to the Two One Two Bar and Grill, an Italian restaurant for the Restaurant Week 2014. Choose from a wide variety of vegetarian preparations such as minestrone soup, mushroom strudel and non-vegetarians dishes including Chicken Mince Lasagna, Chicken Tortellini, Mediterranean Grilled Prawns etc. Also, for one week, the restaurant will offer fixed-price, three-course lunch and dinner menus for R1,050 or R1,350 respectively.
Where: Two One Two Bar and Grill, 12A, Hornby Vellard Estate, Worli
Call: 24901994
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