Your email ID got personal

May 10, 2013, 00:08 IST | The Guide Team

If you're looking for an email ID with your company's name or your own, sans storage size restrictions or having big daddy Google scan through your mailbox, might be your best bet.

This new personalised email service launched last week offers personalised emails with unlimited storage space upto 100 GB, offering even single letter email IDs and domains.

It also enables you to send attachments of up to 50MB and offers a free cloud storage space of 5GB to save documents, excel sheets, etc. The service starts at an annual cost of R500 (without any price appreciation till 2020).

The only downside is that the email ID will be something like ‘’. The company is also offering “” free email IDs, with a storage space of 10GB.

Price From Rs 500 (for 20GB) to R4,100 (for 100GB) annually per ID
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