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Apr 16, 2014, 09:59 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Fitness expert Amrit Dhaliwal separates facts from myths with respect to health and fitness 

When we talk about health and fitness, interspersed with the facts are several myths as well. We spoke to Canadian beauty-fitness expert Amrit Dhaliwal who busts some prominent myths:

Myth 1: Supplements are bad for health.
They are necessary for our body. Our food cannot give us all the nutrients that our body requires. Supplements like fish cod liver oil are rich with such nutrients that we cannot get anywhere else.

Amrit Dhaliwal

Myth 2: Skipping dinner or eating only fruits helps reduce weight.
It is important to provide necessary supplements to your body even during evening time as the body never stops working. It goes on with its routine functions even when we are asleep. So, there is no point in depriving it from food. Yes, weight-watchers can compensate by having an early dinner or by eating protein- rich meals with less carbs. And one can always have a cup of milk if late night hunger strikes.

Myth 3: Only freshly-cooked meals are healthy.
Prepare your meals in advance. This will help you to save time. Moreover, if you are on an on-the-go mode, it can make you grab unhealthy fast food at times. So, it is better to have a meal cooked in advance in your refrigerator. Choose food that has a longer shelf live like Rajma and you can experiment with it also. You can make a roti roll and have it with rice also.

Myth 4: Cheat meals are a no-no.
If you stick to a good healthy diet and exercise from Monday to Friday, you can most definitely get the privilege to plan barbecues over the weekends. You have to make sure that your cheat meals are consumed only on the day you have decided. There should be no excuses over the exercising routine then. Importantly, if your body gets accustomed to healthy food; you may no longer crave for a cheat meal!

Myth 5: Weight lifting leads to muscle building and you develop a body builder’s physique.
There are different types of food that you have to consume to build muscles. Also, men have a different body as compared to females. Females need to lift weights to get the body in shape. Weightlifting is an anti-ageing tool. Every women should do weight exercises.

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