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Jun 12, 2013, 01:21 IST | Dhara Vora

If recent reports about the increasing number of pollutants in your food has got you thinking, try the organic food dabba service by Organza Foods

“Hey farmer, farmer put away that DDT now, give me spots on my apples, but leave me the birds and the bees,” sang Joni Mitchell in Big Yellow Taxi. If news about increasing levels of harmful chemicals in your food, farm-grown or alongside railway tracks, is making you queasy, Organza Foods has an organic solution -- with its healthy tiffin dabba service -- if you’ve got the dough, that is.

Organic lunch meal by Organza Foods. Pic/Datta Kumbhar

Started a week back by Chembur-based
32-year-old Asmita Deshmukh, Organza offers a wholesome organic dabba delivered right at your office or home by the city’s efficient dabbawalas. Deshmukh was a senior consultant at an MNC before she decided to initiate a healthy dabba revolution in Mumbai. “After I returned from the US to the city in 2005, I realised that we don’t have options to eat organic food daily, apart from what is available at upmarket multi-brand department supermarkets.

Asmita Deshmukh with the Organza dabba

But then, I got busy with my work, and finally now, after eight years, I have succeeded in forming Organza,” says Deshmukh. Dedicated to her mother who passed away last year, she wants everyone in the city to realise the importance of healthy food in daily meals. Every element in these home-cooked meals -- be it yoghurt or dal -- are made from certified organic products. Presently, Organza offers a minimum of 10 meals service (Rs 1,999 + 250 for delivery) as Deshmukh informed us that one has to pay a minimum delivery amount to the dabbawala service, and it would not be economical for anyone to order one meal. They deliver from Monday to Friday between 12.30 pm and 2 pm.

One meal includes three chappatis, salad, pulses or dal or a gravy dish with rice and a vegetable. Deshmukh is also in talks with different schools to introduce organic food in children’s diets. Also on the anvil are made-to-order organic snack options. There’s bad news for non-vegetarians -- nothing’s on offer due to unavailability of organic meats in Mumbai.

What we tried
Our organic meal for the day comprised of a dry Baingan (brinjal) vegetable, rice, masoor dal, a beetroot-pomegranate-onion salad, and three rotis. The portions were wholesome and sufficient for a simple, light afternoon lunch. The overall taste of each dish was homely. We could’ve done with more flavour with fresh herbs, perhaps. If you’re expecting a burst of flavours and seasoning Jamie Oliver-style, you’ll be disappointed, but for the recent organic converts who crave home-style food, Organza’s dabba might be a filling, healthy option.

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