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Apr 06, 2014, 14:50 IST | Moeena Halim

That perfectly fitted dress you’ve been lusting after can be yours for a fraction of its original price. The website, PinQRock, lets you buy or rent almost new outfits 

Ever raided your closet, rummaged through dozens of dresses, only to find that you don’t have the perfect outfit for the party that night? Instinct tells you to run down to your favourite boutique? Before maxing out your credit card next time, try looking for the dress of the night on PinQRock and you might just land a bargain.

Some of the dresses available at PinQRock
Some of the dresses available at PinQRock

Launched by Maitreyee L and Shruti K, the website, which will be launched in June, will retail dresses at a good deal and allow you to rent them. You could save as much as 75 per cent of the dress’ value.

Sourcing secrets
The 25-year-old entrepreneurs, both MBA graduates from JBIMS, have been on the hunt for the perfect dresses for their collection for months. Apart from scouring e-commerce portals and local boutiques, the duo also managed to get hold of a few pre-owned outfits thanks to their Facebook page Sell Your Style.

“We often spend far too much money on clothes that are not worn more than twice. This is what made us think of both PinQRock as well as Sell Your Style,” reveals Maitreyee, who got quite a response from Mumbai’s fashionistas, glad to redeem at least part of what they had spent on their designer wear.

Cleaned, pressed and delivered
Once you have chosen your dress, it takes them about three to four days to get it delivered to you. If you have chosen to rent the outfit, they will have it picked up from you too. “All you have to do is return it to us carefully in the bag you received it in. We will take care of the dry cleaning and so on,” assures Maitreyee.

Keen to cater to a variety of sizes, Maitreyee adds that their collection includes small, medium and large. “Prices, which average at Rs 3,000, will vary according to whether the dress you pick is designer wear or non-branded,” she adds.

PinQRock’s collection can be found on their Facebook and Instagram page (PinQRock)

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