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Sep 20, 2015, 05:56 IST | Ananya Ghosh

If there’s a product you’ve set your heart on, just pay a visit to

I apply my personality in a paste,” were Clementine’s words to Joel, when asked about her unique hair colour in the Hollywood flick Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. Like her, we all want to be unique. Then, why settle for mass-produced products?

With Pune-based startup,, launched in 2003, you may not need to anymore. Its array of products ranges from clothes, shoes and accessories to furniture and even bikes, suited to your tastes.

Old jars turned into lampshades
Old jars turned into lampshades

So, how do you go about using this service? Here’s how: If you stumble upon an item while browsing through a magazine, click a picture and e-mail or send it via Whatsapp with a brief of the customisation you want.

Personalised earingsPersonalised earings

For instance, sequins can be removed from a blingy bag and those shoes you’ve always dreamt of can be made in your size.

However, the company has its own checklist to tick off before approving any order. Not interested in imitating elite brands, feasibility and copyright is a top priority. The team includes 1,500 handpicked creators/artisans from various parts of the country. The company has spent the past few months educating the creators on making ‘kind-of similar’ products, which are not just replicas.

Other Customisation Options
As the name suggests, this online store lets users design their blouse through an easy-to-use design app. Price starts at Rs 1,050 and the delivery time is 15 days.
Want a personalised bike? These guys have you covered. Their customis-ation packages start from Rs 65,000.
This one creates furniture using recycled materials sourced from scrapped ships and homes. They include a piece of history belonging to the client into their designs.

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