'Youth will bring revolution in this country'

Apr 23, 2013, 05:41 IST | Vivek Sabnis

In a letter addressed to Rahul Gandhi, social activist Anna Hazare raised issues such as youth participation in nation's progress; some supporters didn't seem convinced with his move

In order to ensure youth participation and reach out to them, Anna Hazare wrote a five-page letter in Hindi to Congress Vice-President, Rahul Gandhi asking him how he should contribute to nation’s progress and put an end to corruption.

“I had written the letter to Rahul, because he is young and I believe that youth will bring revolution in this country,” Hazare remarked. However, some supporters raised questions such as why did the social activist chose to write a letter to Rahul alone?

Words of advice: Anna Hazare and (below) Rahul Gandhi. File pics

The social crusader and anti-graft movement pioneer wrote the letter after his recent 22-day long tour of Punjab, Haryana and UP and the formation of ‘Janatantra Morcha’ with former army chief V K Singh.

“Anna, who had been writing the letter since Monday morning, handed me a copy of the same,” said Hazare’s assistant Datta Awari. Copies of the handwritten letter were sent to Rahul by post, email and also faxed to his office in Delhi.

Praising Rahul, Anna said, “I like your speeches about the welfare of the people of our country. Bright future of this country is not far away, if the youth power in the country will wake up. I am writing this letter to you (Rahul Gandhi) only because you are young and therefore dependable,” Hazare wrote clearing his stand in the beginning of the letter.

Why Rahul?
Avinash Dharmadhikar, former IAS officer and Hazare’s supporter in anti-corruption movement, said, “Why only Rahul Gandhi? He (Hazare) should have sent letters to all parties asking the same question. This letter has created unnecessary suspicion that Hazare is in favor of Congress.”

Dr Vishwambhar Chaudhari, a core committee member of new team Anna, reluctantly said, “I don’t want comment on the letter as I don’t have any issues with it. Anna expresses his feelings to people by writing them letters. Earlier, he had sent letters to Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and many others.” 

Anna talks
Social crusader Anna Hazare highlighted the following points in his letter to Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi:
>> He wrote about Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s contribution to the Indian constitution
>> Hazare also spoke about how Indian democracy is switching over from public opinion to party-centric opinion
>> Centralised power at the Parliament has become today’s reality, which leaves no party accountable for Gram Sabha, Ward Sabha and Mohalla Sabha at the local level.
>> Jan Sansad — People’s Parliament is the supreme power of this country 

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