15-yr-old battling Brain tumour scores 72% in SSC

Jun 15, 2012, 07:11 IST | Anuradha Varanasi

Enduring gruelling chemotherapy sessions during exams, girl who is in stage three of the illness had convinced doctor, parents to allow her to sit for exams

An SSC student who sat for her exams despite fighting brain tumour secured an impressive 72 per cent in her board exams. Thane resident Salonee Kadrekar (15), was undergoing chemotherapy during her SSC examinations, and had to persuade her doctor and parents to appear for the exams.

Overcoming all odds: Salonee Kadrekar appeared for SSC exam despite being diagnosed with brain tumour

Salonee, a student at Holy Cross Convent High School, was operated for brain tumour in September last year after which she had to undergo radiotherapy and chemotherapy at Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel. Dr Santosh Kadrekar, the girl’s father, said, “All of us had told Salonee to appear for the exams in October since she was very ill, but she did not want to waste a year because of her health and she had worked very hard, a month before her exams.”

“I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. I think my condition motivated me to work harder this time. I have never been this serious about my academics before and though everyone is so proud of my result, I had expected a lot more,” said Salonee. Dr P A Kurkure, professor and head of paediatric oncology department of Tata Memorial Hospital, said, “I had recommended Salonee to appear for the October exams, as she is undergoing chemotherapy and her condition is not yet stable.

She had jaundice just two days ago, but she is putting up a very brave fight and I am very proud of her.” “We adjusted her chemotherapy sessions and a certificate was sent to her centre by the hospital so that she could attend her exams separately,” said Kurkure. What is noteworthy is that though Salonee was undergoing chemotherapy during her exams, and in a vulnerable state, she attempted every question with the help of a writer. Ever since Salonee was diagnosed with brain tumour, which was in its third stage, she has lost 17 kg and all her hair after chemotherapy.  

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