64-yr-old man killed by son over paying guest dispute

Apr 09, 2012, 06:48 IST | Shiva Devnath

The victim, a resident of Delhi, was in Mumbai to convince his son not to rent out his Oshiwara apartments; was found dead in bathroom; paying guests and son absconding

A 64-year-old man’s naked corpse was found in the bathroom in his Oshiwara apartment on Saturday night. Oshiwara police have registered a case of murder against two unidentified persons, and are also on the lookout for his son, who has been named the prime accused in the case.
The victim has been identified as Arun Tiku, who was a resident of Delhi, and was in Mumbai to meet his son Anuj Tiku, who is a small-time actor and the CEO of a creative company.

Renting woes: Arun Tiku, who owned three apartments in Samarth Aangan building tried to dissuade his son Anuj (below) from leasing out the flats. Pic/Vijay Bate

Arun was the owner of three flats located on the first floor of the Samarth Aangan building in Lokhandwala, Andheri (West). For the past few years, Anuj had been staying in these flats. In the recent past, he had taken the liberty of leasing the flats out to two of his acquaintances, as paying guests. These two men are the other two suspects in the case, and are absconding.

Arun had reportedly come to visit his son in order to dissuade him from renting out the apartments, as the society did not permit such arrangements. Arun was trying to convince his son to oust the two paying guests, and leave the city to go oversee land that they owned elsewhere. Cops have also fallen upon a possible drug angle to the case — Anuj was reportedly into drugs, and his father was unhappy with his habits, and so wanted him to leave the city.

At 11.30 pm on Saturday, two of the paying guests were received by Anuj at the building’s gate, obviating the need for them to make an entry into the register with the security guard. Soon, neighbours and the watchman began hearing loud noises emanating from the flats. The security guard also knocked to enquire what was wrong, but was told that a personal matter was being resolved.

Meanwhile, alarmed neighbours decided to call the police control room, informing them that loud sounds could be heard from flats 101, 102, 103.
“The official of the Oshiwara police station rushed to the spot, to find the doors of the flats locked. They broke open the door, and discovered Arun in the bathroom. The flat was otherwise deserted,” Dilip Rupwate, senior police inspector from Oshiwara police station.

Twelve stab wounds were found on the victim’s body. “We have also recovered the knife from the spot. Based on the statement of the night watchman, Anuj and his friend were inside the house when the murder was committed. They used the windows of the flats to escape from the spot,” said Rupwate. “As of now, we have registered a case against two unknown persons, and are also tracing Anuj. The body has been sent to Cooper hospital for the post mortem,” said Rupwate.

“The altercation may have been triggered off over the matter of paying guests,” said an officer from Oshiwara police station. “The prime accused is Anuj,” said DCP Nisar Tamboli, spokesperson of the Mumbai police. 

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