22-yr-old Nigerian man mysteriously dies in jail

Sep 15, 2011, 06:50 IST | Imran Gowhar

Prison authorities accused of negligence, deny charges

Prison authorities accused of negligence, deny charges

When celebrity prisoner Darshan famously collapsed, apparently to avoid spending time in prison, jail authorities readily dished out the best of medical facilities to him and even helped him shift to a hospital outside, but a 22-year-old Nigerian student died in the wee hours of Tuesday in prison as there were no doctors to attend to him in the jail hospital.

Okye Emmanuel Chira died under mysterious circumstances hours after being remanded to judicial custody. He was arrested on charges of producing fake documents.

As per the rules, one should be subjected to medical tests before taking him as an undertrial prisoner. The prisoner should be sent to the barrack only if he is fit.

"He was brought to the prison hospital in the dead of the night, but there were no doctors to attend to him. Without doing the necessary medical examination, he was sent to the barrack," said a prison officer requesting anonymity.

He added that all hospital staff leave the premises by 7 pm, leaving the facility unattended. "This shows clear negligence on the part of prison authorities whose carelessness cost the life of Chira," the officer said.

Immediately after going to the barrack, the prisoner started complaining of severe chest pain. Sensing trouble, jail authorities rushed him to the NIMHANS Hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

The other side
Chief Superintendent Lakshmi Narayana denied the allegation that the prisoner died because of their negligence. "We suspect that Chira might have died due to cardiac arrest. He was fit and fine when brought to the prison."

Cylinder blast
Meanwhile, an undertrail identified as Palan sustained burn injuries after a cooking gas cylinder exploded inside the prison on Tuesday.

Palani was cleaning the kitchen when the incident occurred. Palani who suffered burn injuries on his legs and hands has been admitted to the prison hospital and is said to be out of danger.

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