25-yr-old raped by cop in exchange for clean chit

Oct 04, 2012, 06:50 IST | Akela

Cop approached her for questioning in relation to a bike theft case involving her friends, and then repeatedly violated her, threatening to press charges and arrest her if she didn't comply

A Borivli based teacher has alleged that a police sub-inspector repeatedly raped her after threatening to implicate her in a vehicle theft case. After suffering silently for four days, the woman finally gathered the courage to complain to senior authorities in the police force against the sub-inspector attached to MHB police station. 

Santosh Dalvi, sub-inspector
Luring her out: Santosh Dalvi, sub-inspector attached to MHB police station approached the victim’s (below) house and told her parents that she was needed for questioning as her friends were involved in a bike-theft racket. Pic/Nimesh Dave

Based on her statement, the police department has initiated a high level probe into the matter. Here is what the victim revealed to this correspondent about her harrowing experience: 

“I was repeatedly raped by police sub-inspector Santosh Dalvi attached to the MHB police station, who threatened to otherwise get me arrested in a motorbike theft case. I want serious action to be taken against him.

I am 25 and live in Borivli (West) with my parents. My father works in a private firm in Goregaon and my mother and I are schoolteachers. Last month, my school management asked me to resign as I had undergone surgery and was unable to attend school regularly. I came under the influence of some friends and took to alcoholism and drugs. My parents admitted me to a rehabilitation centre.

On September 30, around 5 pm, Dalvi came to my house with four to five boys and a girl. Dalvi assured my parents that there was no need to worry as he was taking me to the police station for investigations. He informed me that some of my friends were part of a motorcycle-theft racket, and several mobiles and motorcycles had been seized from them. He needed my help in the investigation.

Dalvi asked for my friends’ names in the car. I mentioned the name of one of my friends Nival. Dalvi picked him up from his house and took all of us to MHB police station. Later, Dalvi took me to the homes of two other friends — Nirmit and Rameshwar. Though two cops went to pick them up, they were not found.

When the police had gone to look for them, Dalvi held my hand and told me not to worry. I was shocked with his behaviour. Next, Dalvi took me to the police station. In his cabin Dalvi noted down my name and address in a diary.

Dalvi then asked me if I had had sexual relations with my friends. He told me that my friends aren’t good people. He made me promise him that I would not meet them in future. I asked Dalvi if I could go home, but he came closer and touched my face.

He said he was going to arrest me, and instructed me to come with him. I sat in his car. Further away from the police station he asked me whether I wanted to smoke a cigarette and gave me Rs 10 with which I purchased a cigarette and smoked in his car.

After this he started touching me. He returned to the police station and allowed me to go home to my parents. He asked me to call him the next day around 10 am. I called from a PCO but he told me that he was with his senior inspector. I called him again at around 11.30 am. I was surprised when I realised that he was waiting near my home in his private car. He asked me to go somewhere with him. I sat in his car and asked where we were going. Dalvi told me I was in trouble as I was Sudarshan’s friend. He said that he would help me get out of trouble if I cooperated with him. He then took me to a private lodge near Mira Road station.

At the lodge, Dalvi flashed his police ID card and signed in the muster under his real name. For me, he entered a fake name ‘Richa’. I signed with my own signature. In the room he told me that my parents were old and would be in a lot of trouble. He asked me to cooperate with the investigation. He offered me a drink and ordered vodka and then, he raped me. We were at the lodge for over two hours. Around 4 pm he dropped me off near my house. He gave me Rs 500 and asked me to buy a new SIM card. He asked me when my bleeding would stop and asked me to come on Friday, the day after it stopped. He said he would fetch me from my home, but I requested him not to as it would give neighbours the wrong impression. He told me not to worry because if anyone asked, he would say he had come for investigations. I was deeply depressed, as Dalvi wanted to rape me in return for lifting the case registered against my former friends and me.

On Tuesday, I informed my parents about everything. My parents shared it with Vijaykumar Soans and Ujawala Korde who run an NGO, the Human Rights Mission.

On Wednesday, I faxed a complaint to the Commissioner of Police Dr Satyapal Singh and Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Sadanand Date. I am thankful to Mr Date who took cognisance of my complaint.

Additional Commissioner (North region) Sunil Paraskar recorded my statement and assured me not to worry as necessary action would be taken against the officer.

The other side
Police sub-inspector Santosh Dalvi said, “She is making a false statement. I had called her to the police station for questioning in a bike theft case, in which we had arrested one Sudaram and recovered eight stolen bikes from him. I have not had any physical relationship with her.” 

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