Yuvraj Singh set to share cancer experience on TV show

Sep 05, 2012, 20:53 IST | Agencies

Yuvraj Singh will be soon on TV sharing his experience of battle with cancer in a three-part series.

His highs, his lows, his struggles and his successful battle against cancer - cricketer Yuvraj Singh's journey has been captured in a three-part series "Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai" to be aired on national television. He says when he grows old, he will be able to recall what happened to his life.

The show, "Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai", will see the 30-year-old World Cup star share his experience of tackling the 'emperor of maladies'.

The show reveals his story from the first moment of shock on finding out that he has a rare form of cancer earlier this year, to his absolute grit and determination as he emerged a winner.

"Each part of the (three-part) series has its own meaning. I have shot whatever I could. In that stage whatever I have gone through in the past six to seven months, it's going to show the highs and lows," Yuvraj said.

Yuvraj Singh

Describing the clips that were shot during his battle with a rare germ cell cancer in the US, Yuvraj said: "We were just filming my moods - how I was feeling. When I grow old, I can actually see what happened to my life."

"I thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this. It is overwhelming. Cancer is a disease that can eat through lives. I remember when I was diagnosed I had lot of wishes and love from people of India and around India and it worked out," Yuvraj told reporters here.

"It is my story... I want people to know that when they get this kind of disease, what you feel when you learn you have cancer, how you can fight it, how one is in denial mode, etc. I want to share my experience with everyone. I want to be an inspiration for everyone so that they can live their life all over again," he added.

Before the diagnosis, Yuvraj said, life was "happy go lucky". "Before cancer, life was happy go lucky and the only tension was about my future, career, to win the matches. But when I was diagnosed with cancer, I only used to think about saving my life. There were times when I used to have negative thoughts. I used to think chemotherapy has spoilt my body, I thought drugs made me worse, but it was good for me (in the end). It was difficult... I was not sure whether I will survive but I was positive that I will come out of it," he said.

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He added that cycling legend Lance Armstrong (who survived testicular cancer and went on to win Tour De France seven times in a row), was an inspiration. "Lance Armstrong will always be a hero. He is somebody who has battled cancer and come back...these kind of things motivated me. He is a real-life hero," Yuvraj said.

All proceeds of the show, whcih will be telecast simultaneously on Colors and youth entertainment channel MTV India, will go to Yuvraj's 'You We Can' foundation, that works towards cancer awareness.

Raj Nayak, CEO, Colors, says Yuvraj's success story needs to reach people.

"I'm personally a huge fan of Yuvraj. He is an inspiration for the youngsters. Many people want to hide if they have cancer as they feel it's a sort of a taboo. Yuvraj is a national icon who went public about it. This story must be told, which is an inspiration and hope for everyone," said Nayak.

The channel is yet to decide a date for showcasing the series.

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