Zac Efron reveals his idea of 'perfect woman'

Apr 24, 2012, 09:16 IST | ANI

Zac Efron has revealed that he wants to marry an ambitious but laid back woman. The Musical High School star, who was previously dating Vanessa Hudgens and is believed to be dating 'Mirror Mirror'' star Lily Collins, is having a good time looking for the woman he would want to spend his rest of the life with, but is yet to find her.

''''A sense of ambition and a sense of freedom, which is a careful mix. You have to balance those two. I haven''t exactly found it yet.'''' Contactmusic quoted him saying. The 24-year-old likes to improvise while interacting with the opposite sex.

On being asked as to how does he gauge if a date is going well, Efron said, “It ends up going on longer than planned ... and you don''t even realise it. You don''t want it to end.” 

Zac Efron

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