Zaheer Khan's experiments

May 17, 2012, 06:49 IST | Avantika Patil

Be it his long hair or funky streaks, Zaheer Khan has always experimented with his looks.

Zaheer, who is in a good form this season, talks to CS about the importance of sports, his love for tennis and his new style:

Be sporty
I think sports are very essential for the overall development. Being a cricketer, I can say that cricket has played a vital role in helping me groom myself as a person. I advice everyone to have a hobby and pursue it. It is the process of pursuing the hobby that is important and not the sport.

Ball in the other court
Cricket is my profession as well as passion. But to unwind, I also watch tennis. I love the game. Like cricket, it is very unpredictable and anything can happen till the last serve. When there are no cricket matches on the television, tennis is what I am hooked on to. I like to see Roger Federer in action on the field.

Styling straight
Ever since I made my debut, I have always sported different looks. I like experimenting a lot, be the way I dress or be it my hairstyle. It is not that I get it right every time I experiment, but even then I don’t stop doing it. This time, I have decided to sport long hair with side parting. I have been getting many compliments and so I will keep it for a while. 

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