Zarine's me time

Apr 23, 2012, 07:20 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

Like every girl, actor Zarine Khan loves her me time when she loves to visit a spa or go for long drives. "It is very important to de-stress once in a while.

And who doesn’t like the idea of chilling out,” says the pretty actress. Zarine, who’s happy with her latest film talks to CS about her idea of unwinding:

On a drive
Going for a long drive is also very relaxing. The idea of a drive to the outskirts of Mumbai, where there is more greenery, peace and quiet is very nice indeed. I love to play soft music or old Bollywood numbers while on a drive.

Pet pooja
I think having pets is one of the best ways to de-stress. I have my cats, who are like my babies. Whenever I am back from a hard day’s work, their presence cheers me up. Truly, my pets are the best-stressbusters for me.

Kiddie fun
I am very fond of kids as well. It is fun to be around kids, as they love you unconditionally. Every one says, I will make a great mom (laughs out loud). I can spend an entire day with kids, playing and fooling around with them.

Massage magic
I think every girl loves being pampered. And I am no different. I like going to a spa once in a while. It’s a lovely indulgence. The idea of being surrounded by candles, flowers and pleasing scents is very inviting. I am not very fond of floral scents. Instead, I love musk, amber and other notes. Foot massage is my favourite form of therapy.

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