Zindabad, Mumbai

May 29, 2012, 10:45 IST | Fiona Fernandez

We've become familiar, and dare I add, immune, to the 360-degree focus on Mumbai's slums and the filth that surrounds us.

Zindabad! is a documentary by Guillermo Fernandez Florez and Paul-Antoine Lemaille that tries to unravel the dilemma of how the megalopolis aims to become a ‘world-class’ city, and more importantly, how can this be achieved when over half of its population lives in slums. While a lot of footage will be common knowledge to the Mumbaiite, it’s the realisation and the starkness of the filth that surrounds us that will shake and stir the sensibilities.

An aerial view of Dharavi. Representational picture

Since 2004, the battle for land between the authorities and the city’s poorest gained momentum with the demolition drives that crippled a huge chunk of the city’s populace. The struggle to keep a roof over their heads, worsened by the threat of deportation and the search to uphold what is rightfully theirs is what Zindabad! strives to achieve. Make space for this one...

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