Z'Non Bar Lounge is definitely a non-lounger as its name suggests

Jan 31, 2014, 08:59 IST | Kanika Sharma

In the humdrum of Khar, we tried out Z'Non Bar Lounge coming from the Only Paranthas' stable. From blue trippy lights to mind-boggling food, it was a journey we will never forget

Between booze and binge, there’s a lot to unwinding, we’d like to believe. On a night prowl, we noted a new bar and lounge that glinted with blue LED lights from far and beyond. Stepping in on a weekend night, the three-tiered structure on Linking Road houses two Punjabi cuisine restaurants — Only Paranthas and Amritsari Tadka which sandwich the anomaly, Z’Non Lounge Bar. Recently opened, we climbed to the blue LED-lit staircase and put our might against the faux leather upholstered doors.

Fish Chilly Mustard proved fulfilling in terms of taste

Those who like outdoors, al fresco dining option is there while the usual stock of bar seating and albeit stiff loungers are also available. A gigantic whitened glass pane caught our fancy that had the recent ODI Series’ projection to dawdling servers.

Famished, we attacked a cocktail named Serene ('350), a heady mix of scotch, lime and cranberry with hints of orange liqueur. Hardly mixed right, the flavours settled onto our palates in layers ranging from the bitter to sweet depending on the ingredient. Sensing the potency, a Fish Chilly Mustard ('450) was promptly ordered though our first glance had been at Cheese Nachos ('220) for their quickness. Our confused server did not cancel the Nachos and brought the Fish alongside leaving us slightly ruffled.

Tipplers will be happy to know that their happy hours are all-day long though our free seconds were politely refused by us. The Fish Chilly Mustard, when we look at in hindsight, proved to be the pick of the night as it was the usual soy and chilli sauces dousing squishy fish, tossed with capsicum and onions. The hint of mustard was non-decipherable though. Cheese Nachos, on the other hand, was a good chatter platter and copious in quantity. Our mains for the night — Pollo Cubes Pizza ('400) and Veg Pasta in Pomodaro Sauce (white sauce with pureed tomato and chilly flakes; '300) — deserve as measly a mention as they were qualitatively.

The place has an overdose of blue lights. Pics/Emmanuel Karbhari

The pizza was semi-cooked with all elements separating in our hands. The pasta we were served had chicken, which our server confidently claimed as vegetarian. Another awful bite of the pasta meant spiked acidity in the wrong places.

We wound up the night and clammed up to instant noodles, for our wallet was sorely light and our stomachs uneasy.

At Only Parathas premises, first floor, 355, Linking Road, Khar (W). Call 9833106180

Z’Non Bar Lounge didn’t know we were there. The GUIDE reviews anonymously and pays for meals.

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