Zorbing gone wrong: Father of two dies after ball plunges off cliff

Jan 10, 2013, 07:05 IST | Agencies

A thrill-seeking dad was killed in a zorbing accident when he fell off a cliff in a giant inflatable ball.

Denis Burakov was powerless to stop the ball rolling down a mountain and died after breaking his neck and spine. But miraculously a second man inside the zorb, Vladamir Shcherbov, escaped with only concussion, cuts and bruises.

 Dad-of-two Denis died when the zorb rolled out of control at a ski-resort in southern Russia. The huge ball was supposed to come to a stop at the bottom of the specially-made run — but veered away and off a cliff.

Zorbing gone awry: The zorb veered off the course and Denis Burakov, who was inside, broke his spine and neck. Representation Pic

The horrific accident was filmed by one friend while others watched from the top of the run.  As Denis and Vladamir get strapped in, a friend can be heard saying, “Denis, you’ll be like Jackie Chan in the Armour of God movie!"

An instructor is heard saying that the zorb “cannot go that far” and that there is someone to catch it at the bottom. The video shows the ball jerking to the right before it careers off to the left and leaves the run.

Local police commander Sergei Shuvayev said the zorb travelled ‘one-and-a-half kilometres, jumping on the rocks and hitting them’. Rescuers eventually reached the pair after they had come to rest on a frozen lake at the resort of Dombai. Denis was still breathing at this point, but died on his way to hospital.

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