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12 Day-To-Day Habits of Self-Made Millionaire Prince Raj Shrivastava Which Helped Him Succeed

Updated on: 25 July,2022 04:42 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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“Trusting the process is great. But it should not stop anyone from diving into the process and making necessary changes.” says the MD of Ekta Contech Private Limited, Mr Price Raj Shrivastava, a self-made millionaire in his thirties.

12 Day-To-Day Habits of Self-Made Millionaire Prince Raj Shrivastava Which Helped Him Succeed

Every successful person builds a chain of habits that let them grow and accomplish their goals. The underlying purpose of this article is to help the readers develop millionaire habits, shared by the young millionaire himself, to create a wealthy life.

First and foremost, choose wisely. Every choice makes us who we are and gives us a chance to decide who we will become. People in their twenties usually fall into the trap of following the crowd; Prince shared that one of his principles was to stand apart. He started making smart decisions by weighing his options and choosing wisely, for instance, his first investment in the restaurant business as a twenty-year college student. It was not the money he was chasing but was gaining the experience of managing a business.


Remember to start early, be it your day or your investment journey. The theory of compounding works everywhere. The first restaurant business of Prince was not an overnight success. He had to sell it after a year because of its stagnancy. The better part was the effort he put into building it. He invested his time and hard work into it that supplemented his core strengths to become a good businessman. From a career in law to running a company successfully, he has covered a long way that can guide the youth to do the same.



Always start with a ‘why’. When the mind knows the reward, it works out all the odds to get there. After being asked about the 'why' factor, Prince explained, “Freedom of choice comes with financial independence, and everyone should aspire to have that. You should find a way to

command your time rather than just surviving what life throws at you. My „why' factor is to live a happy, independent life, that's why I still preach these small habits”.


With a ‘why’ comes a ‘how’. Sketch up a clear mind map and make a system to follow. While starting the company, the MD focused on creating a healthy work environment that would yield results in the long term. He would put small but significant efforts into daily communication to build his employees' trust. Gradually, that connected each of his employees and played a huge role in times of crisis like the recent pandemic. Ekta Contech was helping people at a time when others were drowning because of his leadership and team spirit.


This also takes us to the art of money management that keeps any organization floating in the times of rising inflation that our country just faced. If we get into the technicalities, it would be several lectures long, but we all subconsciously use the principles of money management in our daily life. It is a highly interesting subject and a tool for developing a calculated investing habit. One of the best ways to do that is to read organically. Developing a 10-min daily reading habit and staying updated with the environment can also reflect a lot on personality development.


While talking about training our minds, Prince also highlighted the importance of training the body. Exercising regularly with a nutritious diet increases our body's reaction time to any situation. Any guided movement sends positive signals to the brain, increasing willpower and concentration.


Meditation works like magic when added to the routine. The idea is to be present and aware naturally. We live in a distracted world where our attention keeps shifting from 30-second shorts to 15-second reels. A beautifully present mind can create a lot of difference when put in the right place. “Whenever I do any work, even the simple things like reading or studying a market report, I put my complete attention there. My dad has been my ideal when defining discipline in life, and I am grateful to walk in the same direction,” remarked Prince while suggesting the lifestyle changes the youngsters should inculcate.


The habit of note-taking and writing was also a significant area touched by him. Every industry opens a new spectrum of learning; we cannot remember every bit of it just by listening or talking about it. Writing things down makes them concrete and helps the brain to make sense of them whenever required. It sounds like a lot of work at first, but once you begin, you feel like doing it more and more.


In our busy lifestyle, we often forget the importance of taking breaks. There will always be more important work than taking breaks but setting up a work-life balance is equally important. Many people marry their work without thinking about the aftereffects like burnout. The way towards success is not just hard work; it has a lot to do with inner peace and well-being. Our productivity increases when we set boundaries and normalize taking breaks in between our hustle period.


“My experience says that failure is a blessing in disguise, and everyone should be grateful for it as soon as it knocks on their doors. I have failed and learnt from it, I want everyone to taste this nectar sooner because there is an opportunity hidden underneath. A good investor, entrepreneur or anyone following their way knows how to grab those opportunities head-on with a positive approach towards life and work,” quoted Price while describing the hope we must keep even in the tough times.


Lastly, consistency is the key, no matter what you do. Every person climbing the ladders of success knows about this secret. After all, life is a challenge for everyone, and habits can turn the tables in your favour. We hope that you felt connected to our young millionaire, and now it's time to create your dream life with the right kind of investment we just talked about.


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