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Ayurveda Detox Diet at home this Autumn season

Updated on: 02 September,2022 07:15 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Ruhi Rajput, Nutritionist and Ayurvedic diet expert emphasis on importance of ‘detoxifying’ and ‘cleansing’ our body.

Ayurveda Detox Diet at home this Autumn season

Ayurveda believes that during change of season cleansing helps in releasing Ama i.e accumulated toxins from the body and helps in boosting metabolism and immunity.

In Ayurveda Ama or toxins are nothing but undigested food that gets accumulated around intestine and excess fat or bad cholesterol that gets stuck in our veins. These bad cholesterol also gets deposited in our gall bladder and forms stones if not removed or cleanse on time.

Ayurveda cleanse is called ‘Panchkarma’, and it is an extensive process that is done by Ayurvedic practitioners at Ayurvedic treatment centre. However it is not possible for everyone to go and get them done regularly. Therefore Ruhi Rajput, being an Ayurvedic lifestyle expert herself brings you some easy ways to do Ayurveda detox at home. She recommends Ayurveda detox twice in a year during major change of season, Spring and Autumn.

Atleast 3-4 days before starting with the cleanse, start avoiding junk food, any packaged or process food, alcohol, cigarettes and refined sugars. Start drinking plenty of water, minimum 2-3 litres a day. While in detox, always try to finish your dinner around sunset and sleep between 10 pm to 11 pm max. It is important to try and wake up during Brahma Mahutra and practice yoga and pranayama regularly.

1. Diet during detox- In the first 5 days, have 2 tsp warm ghee mixed with triphala at night after dinner. You should add more Pachana or extractive food like ash gourd, cabbage, zucchini, leafy greens, bottle gourd, green moong, millets etc depending on what is available during that season. Also add seasonal fruits and green juices. Detox diet should include only one grain during lunch and soups and cooked vegetables during dinner.

2. Massage- Oleation therapy for both internal and external body is necessary. Coconut oil during warm season and sesame oil for winter season is apt.

3. Nasayam or Nasal therapy- A good face, neck and shoulder massage followed by steam inhalation should be done. Consecutively 2 drops of Anutailam can be put inside nostrils.

4. Herbal Steam bath- Nowadays small steam tents are available online. One can boil water with mint, rosemary, turmeric, eucalyptus etc and take steam to reduces pain, expel toxins and increases blood circulation.

5. Pranayam & Yoga- Pranayam like Bhastrika, Anulomviloum is also called Nadi Shodhan, as it helps in cleansing all energy channels and kapalbhati are few that are part of cleansing kriyas. Regular yoga will help in keeping agni active.

Ayurveda has gained lot of popularity and is widely followed as a lifestyle. Ayurvedic Soul is an app, which provides Ayurvedic diet as per you dosha or Ayurvedic body type. Also it guides one to follow Ayurvedic lifestyle through simple methods that suit modern day life.

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