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Books You Should Not Forget In 2023

Updated on: 01 March,2023 11:20 AM IST  |  Mumbai
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Mostly Missing: Be Silly Be Slow narrates a very unconventional philosophy of life.

Books You Should Not Forget In 2023

1. Mostly Missing - Prof (Dr) Mahul Brahma.

Mostly Missing: Be Silly Be Slow narrates a very unconventional philosophy of life. It talks about the two critical aspects that go mostly missing in your life – slowness and silliness. In this world of dead seriousness, information overdose and need for speed…we hardly have time to stop and think…we are all prisoners of the ‘ecosystem’ that becomes less and less tolerant to these two attributes as we ‘mature’.  The author talks about how you have to be silly like a child to pursue your passion because seriousness always will keep you away from the road not taken. Silliness makes history. It elaborates with examples how you are getting trapped into this process of homogenisation wherein the pace does not allow you to think…you just react. The author urges the reader to make some space for slowness and silliness in our lives.

2. Me No Pause Me Play - Manoj Kumar Sharma.

This story revolves around Woman and Womanhood through lenses of Social Kaleidoscope.

The essence of this story is overcoming the intricacy and complicacy of Womanhood through innovative measures with calculated risks.

Though since ages wise men never ever denied the unique importance of Women in their lives, but, at the same time couldn’t restrain from autocratic patriarchy and disguised misogyny.

Even Nature’s unworded Laws cruelly dumped Women after manipulating them to the fullest.

How long Woman will have to continue bearing the ongoing sufferings?

Nobody knows, even Woman herself…

But, there are exceptions as well sometimes…

One key protagonist takes the Woman sufferings as challenge, and, not only resolves the physical health and mental agony, but, unexpectedly raises the bar to the next level of inspirational excellences…

After all its own belief system, which can create anything anywhere anytime…

Let incommunicado with our Ethos & Egos…

Let the status quo of our Women should not PAUSE…

Let our Women PLAY ever and ever and ever and ever… for ever.

3. Wind Chimes - Dr Sujata Chatterjee.

The book WINDCHIMES contains some Award-winning poems. The title denotes that it is a collection of sublime poems compared with the soft swaying of the WINDCHIMES. The tinkling notes of the Windchimes show that the sound of poetry is calm and s.rene. Each poem leaves behind an emotional imprint in the minds of the readers, be it THE SECRET OF MY PEN or JAI HIND. One should definitely read this masterpiece by no one other but very renowned author herself.

4. SHE - Pawana Tripathi

SHE  "  ( unafraid , uninhibited  , undefined  ) Not only  a book but everything that you can achieve , admire or cherish as a woman this is the book to serve the tribute to all womens to present the identity of lady in different roles and circumstances  to establish a line for revolution to create the impression of existence of lady to celebrate the Power and determination  to show an ocean of emotions and bundle of struggles to establish the ideals from  life of a lady " SHE "  is the book to objectify the birth of a girl , survival of a  woman  and immortality of a lady . There is no one  who is SHE but every lady can find her picture  in writeups of SHE . This is not a collection of poetry this mirror of the life of SHE  ( SHE can be Pawana Tripathi  SHE can be everyone.)  But remember  SHE'S  unafraid , uninhibited.

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