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Chemyo Review: Is Chemyo Legit – Everything You Need To Know

Updated on: 08 March,2023 06:57 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Chemyo have been selling SARMs for years. Right up there with other key players, they are unfortunately one of the last reputable SARMs sellers out there, for the reasons I’ll explain in a moment.

Chemyo Review: Is Chemyo Legit – Everything You Need To Know

What I’m going to do here is a full Chemyo review. Based on my own research from before I started using them, and on my own experiences using the SARMs they sell.

I’ll talk about the Chemyo Labs range and quality, how trustworthy they are, and if there are any problems.

Plus, I will talk about Promo codes and discounts, and answer the key question: is Chemyo legit?

The SARMs Market Has Changed Forever – Here’s Why

 Over the past two years the flourishing research chemical market has nosedived. There are a few key reasons for this:

  • The pandemic
  • Rising shipping costs
  • China banning the manufacture and export of sarms
  • American regulatory scrutiny
  • Eastern European labs shutting down
  • Labs switching to making basic medication (pandemic)

Because of all that, the SARMs marketplace has changed forever, and it’s not coming back anytime soon.

China made and exported 90% of the world SARMs. The slack was being taken up in places like India, Ukraine, and Russia, but for various reasons that is all crashed as well.

So the SARMs supply into America, the biggest domestic SARMs market, is now a trickle. Probably about 5% of what it was two years ago.

My advice is if you find a SARMs seller that’s reputable and selling high quality SARMs at good prices right now, then buy from them immediately.

Plan your next three SARMs stacks and get them now. That way, you are insulated for a year and get to use SARMs while they are still available. If you are new to SARMs stacking, Washingtoncitypaper has an excellent guide on it.

Things might change fast, but ordering from quality companies like Chemyo to keep them in business is crucial to keeping availability of SARMs alive.

What SARMs & Other Research Chemicals Do They Sell? 

Chemyo sell a good range of SARMs and other research chemicals. Let’s talk specifically about SARMs first. Although the range isn’t the largest, part of that is due to the problem of getting hold of the SARMs at all.

But they do sell all the main types of SARMs in liquid and powder format.

Let’s talk about the liquid SARMs first. They do a good range of all the main ones including Cardarine, Ostarine, and Testolone.

In terms of price, right now, Cardarine is just $59.99 for a 50 mL dropper bottle that dosed at 20 mg/mL. That’s incredibly good.

They don’t sell LGD-4033 Ligandrol though. The reason for that though is because Viking Therapeutics, the company you own the license to the name and the chemical formula, have started legally threatening SARMs sellers using both (or either).

That’s the same with the derivative LGD-3303 as well. So it’s not that they won’t sell it, or can’t get hold of that, it’s that they legally don’t want to touch it.

They also do a good range of SARMs powder. The purity is just as high as the liquid (in fact the liquid will be just the powdered SARMs premixed with a suspension liquid).

Prices are usually quite low, but check that because it can vary. But if the prices much lower than the liquid equivalent, and you buy a couple of bottles of suspension liquid ($10 each), you can on average make your own suspension liquid for about 30% cheaper than they sell the premixed stuff.

In addition to SARMs, they also sell a few peptides, and even some nootropics like racetams and Noopept.

What’s The Quality Like & How Does It Stack Up Against The Opposition? 

The research chemicals that Chemyo sell come from China. I know this for a fact because I found two customs import rulings, from 2016 and 2020, in relation to the company questioning the tariff classification of certain types of research chemicals they were importing.

As they are still selling SARMs, and they haven’t suddenly found a miracle way of making them themselves (there is no way on earth a USA company would get the licensing for a private lab to make SARMs right now), then they obviously have contacts in China who are still illegally making and exporting the SARMs.

That’s slightly shady, but it’s the only way they are going to get the SARMs into the USA. But does that affect the quality?

Chemyo do publish independent third-party lab test reports on the website for the products they sell.

More than that, it’s a verifiable real independent third-party lab. One that’s been around since 1968, and they even invite you to email or call that company to verify they do analysis work for Chemyo LLC.

I Want To Talk To You About The Larger Doses Chemyo Sell

Most SARMs are supplied in 30 mL dropper bottles. Doses are dependent on the type of SARMs, and how generous they are.

Chemyo the only company out there selling larger 50 mL dropper bottles. The obvious conclusion is that there is more liquid for the same total dose. That’s not the case.

In actual fact, the total dose is higher than comparable 30 mL dropper bottle doses. And you are not paying much more. From my calculations, overall, the SARMs they sell are about 20% cheaper than people selling 30 mL dropper bottles.

That isn’t compromising on quality either. The purity reports are right there. You are just getting a higher proportion of high purity SARMs for your money.

Something I Wish Chemyo And Others Would Do 

I don’t want to rant about this too much, but this is something I wish all SARMs sellers would do.

Chemyo don’t sell PCT supplements. That’s a huge gap.

This is the same with pretty much all SARMs sellers. You can buy the SARMs, you then have to look elsewhere for the PCT.

Not only is another journey to find the chemical, and verify the quality, but it’s another lot of postage payments.

My Experiences Using Chemyo SARMs

 I’ve used Chemyo SARMs on and off for three years now. I’ve never had a bad experience.

The quality and purity are right up there with any of the best I’ve used before (like and Swiss Chems).

Compared to crap like Element SARMs, Southern SARMs, PureRawz, and SARMs4Sale, these are just sweet and delicious to use.

The results you get are top notch. The gains are good, the cutting is good, and the side effects other than the androgenic ones are non-existent.

If you want a great SARMs experience, whether you are using the liquid or powder from these guys, then you will get everything you hope for using these SARMs.

What Do Online User Reviews Say And Are They Legit?

 Chemyo has hundreds of people talking about them online. Notably on Reddit and bodybuilding forums. This has been the case for years.

All SARMs sellers get negative reviews. People don’t understand that you have to put in hard work over several cycles, or they expect miracles. Or, they are just trolls working for opponents.

Whatever the case, overwhelmingly, Chemyo has positive online reviews not only formal ones, but anecdotal ones.

So the question is: are Chemyo legit?

For me, for the following reasons they are:

  • Significant social media presence
  • Reactive to social media comments
  • Reactive customer service
  • Talked about positively on Reddit and forums
  • Bodybuilding friends have used their sarms regularly
  • My experience has been positive
  • Verifiable independent third-party purity batch test reports
  • Very good pricing that is not stupidly cheap or expensive
  • Moneyback guarantee

I’ve used several SARMs sellers over the years, notably, and Chemyo have all the same guarantees that the rest of the best do.

Chemyo Discount & Promo Codes: How To Save Some Money

I’ll be honest at the end of this review; I have to state that I found only one Chemyo promo code that works. To get 10% off use the code: ihcc10

However, you can still get a Chemyo discount with a couple of little tricks:

  1. Buy the paired SARMs. Not stacks, but pairs of complimentary SARMs. Pair them up with another pair to create a complete bulking, cutting, or strength stack. These pairs come at a 10% discount.
  2. If you’re in the USA, check out with more than $100 in your shopping cart. That way, you’ll get free domestic shipping. If you’re not in the USA, will need to spend $275, but if you are buying a stack, that’s pretty much going to happen anyway.

By doing that pair of simple tricks together, you’re going to get 10% off your order, and save the cost of domestic or international shipping. Not bad considering how well priced the SARMs are in a market where supply is tight.

Overall then, the conclusion of this Chemyo review is that they are legit; they are the real deal.

The SARMs they sell are high-quality, the purity is guaranteed, and the doses you buy are simply larger for your money than any other SARMs seller left in the marketplace right now.

As I said at the start, buy the SARMs you need for your next three stacks now. Don’t wait, because supplies are not going to increase and prices are not going to drop any time soon.

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