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Cortexi SCAM Reported By Customers 2023

Updated on: 05 June,2023 06:59 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Ear problems are quite common these days for an array of reasons that are closely knit with our everyday life.

Cortexi SCAM Reported By Customers 2023

Cortexi Hearing Supplement is a dietary supplement marketed as a natural solution for improving hearing health and reducing the symptoms of hearing loss. However, with so many similar products available in the market and numerous reports of supplement scams, it's essential to determine whether Cortexi Hearing Supplement is a genuine product or a scam before investing in it. In this review, we will take a closer look at the ingredients, user experiences, and any potential red flags to determine whether Cortexi Hearing Supplement is a legitimate product or a scam.

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Cortexi Reviews: Is This A Permanent Solution For Restoring Ear Health?

Ear problems are quite common these days for an array of reasons that are closely knit with our everyday life. Many times it grows to monstrous proportions making it difficult to have better control of our life. The possible health conditions these could impose vary from hearing difficulties to severe infections forming the inner ear. In these circumstances, it becomes absolutely difficult to move forward without having a proper supplementation. 

The million-dollar question remains how would we find one due to the flooding of many supplements in the current market that claims illogical results? Some of them can even pave the way for serious side effects. At this juncture, it becomes the need of the hour to find out a better alternative to those already there that is not natural and has a chemical overload that attracts severe health crises in the long run. This is the time a novel supplement named Cortexi has been launched and frankly speaking, it raised our hopes. At first glance, we come across many positive facets that seem encouraging, yet that is not all.

We will have to explore it further, So read this Cortexi review in detail.


GMP Approved

Label Accuracy

98.41% (PASS)

Ingredients Purity

94.66% (PASS)

Ingredient Safety

98.08% (PASS

Projected Efficacy

97.11% (PASS)


Liquid drops



Category Average Price

$49 to $69

Total Quantity

60 ml

Heavy Metal Screening

Below Proposition 65 Limit CA – (PASS)

Flagged Inactive Ingredients


Suggested Course Duration

30-60 Days

Official Website

Click Here

Cortexi: An Overview

Cortexi is a new supplement that has hit the market to find a solution to problems imposed on our auditory system by various forms of allergens, harsh weather, and sound pollution. It is developed using many useful compounds known to heal the common irritants affecting the inner ear that we are exposed to on a day-to-day basis. It is the result of many trials and tests conducted by a group of enthusiastic health experts on their path to finding a way to treat the exigencies caused by bad agents.

Cortexi ear health supplement is designed to meet the challenges put forth by toxins and had compounds that render essential nutrients that may have a profound effect on the well-being of the auditory system. It is tested in high-end lab centers to ensure the purity of its compounds in an attempt to make available a worthwhile supplement that can be accessible to everybody.

The Role Of Each Cortexi Ingredient

Cortexi auditory health formula has been mixed with good-to-have organic compounds that have enormous potential and can play a remedy to hearing loss and associated problems. In this section, we will analyze each one of them to have a clear picture of what can be expected. The Cortexi ingredient list is made available in bullet points with added explanations so that a better understanding is possible.

  • Grape Seed- Grape Seed is full of antioxidants that can play a major role in combating the inflammation caused by free radicals in the body. It removes the toxin buildup in the inner ear that leads to infections and many other problems. Grape Seeds can play a vital role in wound healing and helps in building immunity. It can reduce oxidative stress and aid better blood circulation throughout the body.
  • Green Tea- Green Tea has many medicinal properties that may aid in reducing body weight. It also has a positive impact on cholesterol levels and fights bad agents that may lead to the degeneration of cells and tissues of the body. Green Tea can also be of aid in the treatment of diabetes and can play a part in maintaining optimal blood pressure. It has been included in this list primarily due to its ability to improve blood flow into the ears.
  • Gymnema Sylvestre- Gymnema Sylvestre is a strong herb found in the continents of Asia and Africa and has been used in traditional medication. It is used to treat asthma, inflammation and promote weight loss for its users. Gymnema Sylvestre has strong antibacterial properties that can treat microbial infections effectively. It has been lately found that it can also support the auditory system. 
  • Capsicum Annuum- Capsicum Annuum holds many potential benefits as it can aid greatly in promoting optimal eye and bone health. It may help combat cancer as it is found to have carotenoid lycopene that may have a positive impact on bladder, prostate, and pancreas cancer. Furthermore, Capsicum cut the chance of getting Anaemia in half as it is rich in Vitamin C and Iron that helps increase oxygen in the blood. It can also reduce anxiety and fight depression.
  • Panax Ginseng- Panax Ginseng is a perennial plant found in the mountains of East Asia and is famed for its neuroprotective capabilities. It helps in enhancing energy levels and maintaining aspired blood sugar levels. Panax Ginseng can improve brain function and can promote weight loss. It can also act in favor of maintaining optimal blood pressure and can help in bringing hormonal balance to the body.
  • Astragalus- Astragalus has many beneficial effects on the body such as lowering inflammation and reducing oxidative stress. It may help in improving cardiovascular function and promote better metabolic functionality in the body. Astragalus can also help in promoting blood circulation and fight free radicals. It can heal wounds and infections in the skin.
  • Chromium Picolinate- Chromium Picolinate is a beneficial mineral that possesses the capacity to fight diabetes and beat lethargy. It is included in this list due to its capability to provide energy to cells and maintain stamina. Chromium Picolinate can control blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, and aid in the metabolic process. It can also fight depression and provide the body with strength and stamina.
  • Maca Root- Maca Root, is nicknamed as an energy booster and can help the body in combating fatigue and raising stamina. It is used traditionally to alleviate libido, increase fertility, and help mood swings. Maca Root is rich in antioxidants and can prove beneficial in fighting oxidative stress. It is also instrumental in aiding better immunity in the body.

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How Does Cortexi Work?

Cortexi is a hearing supplement that benefits those who have seen a huge decline in their hearing. It offers a cure and aims to do that by fighting the root cause of the problem. It has been found that many a time hearing problems are due to the buildup of wax and other toxic elements that cause problems for the safe passage of sound waves.

These toxins not only cause hearing problems but also after some time escalates the matter to more serious conditions that may be difficult to reign in through the established means of treatment. In a  way, regular medication also adds up fuel to the fire by exposing the body to chemical composition that may bring bad ramifications to the body.

Cortexi hearing support formula has a very proven way to deal with the irritants that are causing havoc in the auditory system. When an individual start to use the supplement it helps to eliminate the toxin buildup in the ears thus paving the way for the sound waves to pass through the inner ear smoothly. After that, the healing process begins in which the compounds that are present inside the supplement help in the rejuvenation of the ear by healing up the inflammation caused by the toxic elements in the body.

It does not stop there and goes ahead and creates barriers to future infections and inflammation. As a bonus, the Cortexi auditory health supplement also helps the brain functions immensely by enhancing the memory and mental focus of its users.

The Health Benefits of Cortexi Formula

Cortexi formula provides many benefits to its users and the primary ones being providing better hearing and memory enhancement. It does so with the help of its organic compounds which have been carefully crafted to provide relief. It is therefore beneficial in pointing out each one of them along with its benefits for having a better idea of the composition. For the benefit of better understanding, please refer to the below points.

  • Offers Better Hearing- Cortexi supplement actively helps in hearing clear sounds with the help of its beneficial ingredients like Gymnemma Sylvestre and Capsicum Annuum that removes the toxin build-up of material in the inner ear and thus pave the way for sound waves to pass through without a problem.
  • Improves Memory Function- The supplement greatly enhances memory by strengthening the brain’s cognitive features. This helps in streamlining the nervous system which results in optimal memory function.
  • Builds Mental Acuity- Cortexi capsules drive towards better mental acuity with the help of its carefully crafted composition. The compounds help better interaction between the neurons which results in the person having immaculate mental focus.
  • Strengthen Brain Function- The Cortexi pill helps the brain to do its everyday job with much ease as a result of the essential nutrients rejuvenating the nervous system. This improves the cognitive function of the brain resulting in an aspired level of brain function.
  • Inflammation Reduction- Cortexi takes care of the inflammation in the inner ear with the help of rich antioxidants like the Astragalus and Panax Ginseng, both part of the composition. These compounds also take care of stabilizing the neuron activity as part of streamlining the function of the whole body.
  • Contributes toward General Health- The bonus of the supplement is its contribution towards general health. It does so with the active aid of beneficial compounds such as Green tea and Grape seed extracts that helps in raising metabolic levels and immunity.

Check The Availability Of Cortexi On The Official Website

What Makes Cortexi Special?

Cortexi ear health formula is a natural composition made using organic materials that render essential nutrients to the body in an attempt to rejuvenate the whole body. It is made in a sterile facility in the US approved by the FDA that has acquired GMP certification as well. It is developed by a group of health scientists to develop a full-fledged supplement that can help on multiple fronts such as hearing, memory building, and rendering mental focus.

Cortexi is successful in attaining the popular vote that symbolizes an array of positive customer feedback it has received in recent times. Above all, it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee valid for 60 days from the date of its original purchase.

The Pros and Cons of Cortexi

Cortexi as a supplement is bound to have some pros and cons and it is worth mentioning them over here. It will help to build a better idea about the efficacy of the supplement. For ease of understanding, it is given in bullet points so that a good understanding can be made.


  • Helps to hear more clearly
  • Will increase the memory
  • Develops mental acuity
  • Raise energy levels of the body
  • Made using organic compounds
  • Non-GMO and free of chemicals
  • Easy to use
  • Available at affordable pricing
  • A Fast-Acting supplement
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days.
  • Cortexi is available only on the official website


  • Possible to have many counterfeits
  • Probability of stock shortage

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Cortexi Dosage and Instructions to Use

Cortexi hearing health formula comes in the form of a liquid solution that is to be used regularly for having fast benefits. It is best to have one dropper of it applied under the tongue in the morning. It can also be taken by dissolving it with a glass of water or juice. For having fast results, it should be taken regularly without a break.

How Long Does it Take to Show Improvements?

In normal conditions, Cortexi drops will provide results within a couple of weeks. As per Cortexi customer reviews, the ear health supplement has yielded positive results before the expected time. It should be specially noted that the makers have not stipulated any time for the supplement to act. Therefore it would be advisable to continue its use until the time that is prescribed for having the best results. 

Are There Any Side-Effects Of Cortexi?

As a natural hearing support supplement, Cortexi does not attract any harmful side effects. It is void of chemical composition, unlike others in its class. However, it should be kept in mind that the supplement should not be overused and should strictly abide by the instructions given on the label for preventing health complications due to overuse.

Cortexi  Customer Reviews: Feedback from Satisfied Customers

Cortexi hearing support formula has received many positive reviews in a very short time frame. It tells more about its reliability and effectiveness in general. The satisfied lot has ushered in praise for the supplement however we will not solely go by that. Instead, we will stick with the logical conclusion that has been made about the supplement.

A majority of the Cortexi customer reviews deal with the supplement’s efficacy in solving hearing loss and ear infections. Some of the users are pretty impressed with its fast-paced action. The striking point here is that the number of complaints raised against the supplement is minimal and that completes the whole tale.

Where To Buy Cortexi Formula?

Cortexi auditory health pill can be purchased from the official website with added discounts. The online payment system is foolproof and every transaction made will be safe and secure. The supplement is not available for purchase in any retail store or e-commerce website.

Cortexi Pricing Details

Cortexi supplement is made available in affordable pricing tags by the makers. For every bulk purchase made for three bottles, a huge discount has been offered. If it is for six bottles, the pricing goes further down. For single bottle purchases, you may receive only a limited discount and also the shipping comes paid. For a better understanding of the pricing, it is given in a simplified manner down below.

  • Get one bottle at $69 per bottle (30-day supply)
  • Get three bottles at $59 per bottle (90-day supply)
  • Get six bottles at $49 per bottle (180-day supply)

Click Here To Order Cortexi From The Official Website

Bonuses Available With Cortexi Supplement

Cortexi supplement comes along with attractive bonuses that are made available for bulk purchases starting with three bottles. The free bonuses come in the form of ebooks that has content based on how to enhance hearing and improve memory. The titles are given below for your ease of reference.

  • Free Bonus 1- Hear Like A Pro
  • Free Bonus 2- Powerful Ways To Sharpen Your Mind

Cortexi 60 Days Refund Policy

Cortexi hearing health supplement offers a 100% money-back guarantee that is valid for full 60 days flat from the date of its original purchase. If you feel it has not worked, you can go for a full refund by contacting the customer support team. A full refund will be issued once your returned package reaches its final destination.

Final Verdict On Cortexi Reviews

After conducting a thorough review of the ingredients, user experiences, and other relevant factors, it can be concluded that Cortexi Hearing Supplement is not a scam. The supplement contains a blend of natural ingredients that have been scientifically shown to support hearing health and improve cognitive function. Additionally, the company provides transparent information about their product, including a detailed list of ingredients and instructions for use. Moreover, the positive user reviews and the absence of any significant red flags suggest that the supplement is effective and reliable.

Click Here To Order Cortexi From The Official Website

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the guarantee that Cortexi will work for me?

Cortexi ear health supplement has been developed using natural ingredients that has a positive effect on health. It has received much positive feedback from customers in a short time. Besides, the supplement offers a 100% money-back guarantee that is valid for 30 days. It seems these factors are as good as a guarantee

  • Does the Cortexi formula completely free of chemical composition?

Cortexi hearing support supplement is made out of purely organic compounds and has no trace of chemicals in it. It does not have GMOs and is also non-habit forming. 

  • Do I need to consult my doctor before taking Cortexi?

Cortexi, with its natural blend of composition, has provided relief for so many users. There is no harm in consulting your doctor before taking Cortexi for your peace of mind.

  • What if the Cortexi formula does not provide any positive results for me?

Cortexi auditory health formula comes with a complete money-back guarantee offer and you can avail it if you feel it has not provided satisfactory results.

  • When can I expect Cortexi to reach me once I gave the order?

Normally, the Cortexi support team completes the shipping process within 24 hours of receiving an order. If you live in the US you can expect it to reach you within 5-7 days. If you are an international customer it may up to take 10-12 days depending on customs clearance.

Click Here To Order Cortexi From The Official Website (60 Days Money-Back Guaranrtee)


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