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Here is what Mrs. Universe contestant Mrs. Amrita Tripathi has to say about representing India among 150 countries

Updated on: 28 June,2022 06:00 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Here is what Mrs. Universe contestant Mrs. Amrita Tripathi has to say about representing India among 150 countries

Mrs. Amrita Tripathi shares her inspirational journey, becoming Mrs. India, Mrs. Middle Asia, and now representing Indian in the prestigous Mrs. Universe 2021 contest. 

1)   What is your aspiration in life?

My aspiration in life is to be able to transform the lives of women around me and around the world who sees me through this platform. With my journey toward Mrs. India, I realized it’s never too late to aspire to anything in life. It’s not about when you start your journey but rather how much hard work and effort you put to achieve your dreams. Through my journey to Mrs. Universe, I want to make them understand that it’s never too late to start your journey and once you do, all it matters is the efforts you put forth.


2) What inspired you to participate in Mrs. India, Mrs. Middle Asia, and now Mrs. Universe? 

There’s a saying that “Keep your heart open to dreams. For as long as there’s a dream, there is hope, and as long as there is hope, there is joy in living.” There was this dream that l had since childhood, that little Amrita would look up to, it was to become a model and someone’s inspiration. However, dreams often don’t turn into reality. For many, a dream remains a dream and then some are fortunate enough to live it. As I grew up, like every other individual I was also buried under the responsibility of taking care of my family and becoming financially independent, once I achieved financial independence, I decided to move further and work dedicatedly towards turning my dreams into reality. My journey has not been easy but I wouldn’t change it for anything knowing that maybe in some way or the other, I’m inspiring another little Amrita who wishes to fulfill their dreams.


3) What advice would you give to the women who want to create or maintain their own identity after marriage?

There’s has many instances and occasions where the advice that I’m about to give has already been strongly provided but it is so incredibly crucial to understand that marriage is not the end of life. Marriage is a part of your life and not your whole life, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities out there to maintain or create your identity without feeling guilty about leaving your family behind. Once, you embark on the journey of growth, anyone including your family who’s a part of your journey will certainly grow with you. There is life beyond family and marriage responsibilities and that life is calling out for you to live a little more for yourself.


4) What is your biggest accomplishment or what do you see as the biggest accomplishment one could achieve?

I believe achievement is a very subjective concept, I don’t think that I have accomplished any biggest achievement per se but rather it’s about the journey. For me, the journey, the experience, the support and the efforts matter more than the achievements and technically achievement can’t be measured in terms. However, one can have their own definition of success and for me, it is the learning and the experiences I get to be a part of throughout the journey. I see life as a journey and I try to enjoy it as much as possible. I prefer indulging in happiness over any other thing in my life. I also believe that the support you receive throughout your walk in life is equivalent to any accomplishment and the support I received from my family, friends and the brands namely Taj Lakefront who has been my hospitality partner, Phirwara and Karigari- my styling parter and FTV salon that has been my grooming partner has helped me in my path tremendously. Apart from this there has been a massive support from Suvega Yamaha and Juna.


5) What was the most significant learning from your journey?

Every journey is different, with different adventures, and hardships but the one thing that is constant is the rollercoaster ride that everyone has to go through. I believe in the saying that “the only journey is the one within” and this is something that I experienced while going through mine, the most vital learning of all that I experienced was that the confidence you need to have in yourself should surpass every doubt that comes from within. Apart from working hard, the only crucial thing one should learn is to believe in themselves and their work. Once, you overcome that obstacle you can definitely better yourself and the work you put forth.


6) You have mentioned in your past interviews that you want to promote Hindi as a language? Do you believe that English in any way has hampered its exposure?

Language is a way of expression that connects you with people in the most incredible way possible, it is a gift of emotions that we humans on most days forget to comprehend. For me, it is not about promoting one language over another, rather it is about expressing my thoughts and emotions in the most comfortable way possible. However, that being said, Hindi is my mother tongue and I certainly feel proud of it. It’s all about expressing myself in ways that can easily be understood by people and it definitely is not a scale on which someone’s intelligence can be measured.


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