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Hrishiraj sugre shares his purpose behind Pixoury

Updated on: 30 June,2022 04:38 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Hrishiraj sugre shares his purpose behind Pixoury

So many of us are looking for our purpose or a more profound way to convey it. But, when we find it, everything else falls in place. One such story is of Hrishiraj Sugre, who is  known as the creator of a famous Instagram page ‘Pixoury.’


As Instagram reels are getting popular, artists are attempting to come up with novel inventions to capture the interest of viewers. Pixoury is one such account that creates animations with the major theme of Bollywood.


According to Hrishiraj, the primary objective of making these videos was to spread happiness and positivism during the first covid lockdown. Hrishiraj wanted his viewers to consume short, relatable and non provoking content. He wanted to create a community which could consume content based on his vector art drawings. To achieve this he made a fusion of his hobby vector drawing and Bollywood, which most Indians like and created calming and stunning loop animations. He bases his creativity on classic Bollywood music and scenes.


Hrishiraj believes he succeeded because he gave the audience something to distract themselves from the covid lockdown and share the reels with their friends and family. As, the pandemic is getting over, Hrishiraj says his purpose is still the same, as people in any situation need something which can calm them down within seconds. To maintain the calming effect he says he avoids paid promotions which may create the opposite effect.


He adds, having a purpose which affects large number of population in a positive way will bring bigger success. Bigger the purpose , bigger is the success. So, it is very important to think big and to think positively for the society and combine it with the skills you possess . That way, you would find your purpose sooner.



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