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In the digital world, modesty is a business handicap

Updated on: 28 February,2022 04:09 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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In the digital world, modesty is a business handicap

You got to be up there in the public eye whether you like it or not. It’s not a choice anymore and infact a business handicap if the Founder/management team believes so says Jessie Paul, independent board member, entrepreneur & author in her recently launched second book “Marketing without money – An essential guide”. She infact points out how well built and positioned personas help multitude of businesses from large companies to fledgling start-ups in variety of areas. Peppered with insights relevant for not just marketers but business owners, c-suite executives and entrepreneurs alike. Here are a few key facets and highlights of the new book:

 Build a personal brandmap

Today the “professional” is the product! There is a value attached to our economic output, and a respected personal brand reduces the risk of hiring you. Have outlined a specific framework in the book by which one can define their personal brand attributes and build out a customized personal brand marketing plan.  
Remake yourself for media

One has to find ways to be interesting depending on the market operating in and the brand persona/attributes. Dog bites man is boring but man bites dog is exciting.  If everyone is zigging you have to zag.  
Other key insights in the book.

  1. "A better mousetrap does not always command market share.  Sometimes an average mousetrap with really yummy cheese can win!”
  2. "Two companies can be equally innovative. But, the one which markets its innovation better, becomes the market leader.”
  3. 'If you are a small player and a challenger brand, you have to be controversial. If you say what everybody else is saying, that is not a media-worthy story.”
  4. Marketing is no longer a private conversation but a loud conversation in the middle of a crowded park


This is Jessie’s second book both published by Bloomsbury the first one being a best seller selling tens of thousands of copies. Jessie, an IIM-Calcutta alumni, currently sits on the boards of PB FINTECH (parent company of Policybazaar & Paisabazaar), Bajaj Consumercare, CreditAccess Grameen, Expleo Solutions & Royal Orchid Hotels. She is the Founder & CEO of Paul Writer Strategic Services offering advisory, implementation & program management for technology/technology-enabled companies. She is also an early-stage investor in ARRKA, a niche player s in Data Privacy and Info. Security and GAGLERS, INC.  which offers voice broadcasting for political advocacy, robotic process automation for intelligent dialling, p2p texting, and TextBroadcasting Software in 200+ countries under the name CallHub. She says she got writing into her genes from her father who was in India foreign service and had written some of Indira Gandhi’s speeches.



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