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'Pragya'- World's first spiritual OTT dedicated to Sanatan Dharma

Updated on: 06 June,2022 02:37 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Sanatan refers to the eternal truth. Truth is eternal. God is the truth, the soul is the truth, salvation is the truth, and the only religion that guides the path of this truth is 'Sanatan Dharma'.

'Pragya'- World's first spiritual OTT dedicated to Sanatan Dharma


That truth which has been going on since time immemorial and which will never end, that is Sanatan or Eternal. That truth that has neither beginning nor end is called Sanatan. This is the truth of Sanatan Dharma.

With the objectives to make the basic elements of Sanatan Dharma accessible to the larger audience, and to plant the seed of spirituality among the young generation in today's materialistic era, Mumbai-based Treta Marketing and Services Pvt Ltd has launched 'Pragya' OTT that will be the world's first spiritual OTT as per the information received.

Aditya Tikku, Director of Treta Marketing and Services Pvt Ltd, Pragya's facilitator and renowned litterateur, said that the eternal truth of this world is Sanatan. This world is running only due to the power of Sanatan. Even after heavy conversions due to various reasons, the majority of the world's population believes in Sanatan Dharma. Today's young generation thinks differently about character, rites, knowledge and religion, but if all these come in life then peace will surely come along with success. Only the young generation is capable of changing the picture of any country and society. In such a situation, for their all-round development, nothing is better than the knowledge of spiritual and Sanatan Dharma.

For example, Lord Hanuman conjures an image of supreme mental and physical strength, high intellect, unflinching loyalty, devotion, simplicity and purity in all forms. Today's youth who are in deep distress and in need of courage and faith turn to him for strength. Along with this, there is no doubt that we should keep chanting the name of the almighty daily for peace of mind. Spiritual songs, bhajans, and sankirtans are the best way to become aware of Sanatan Dharma.

We should try to teach children through the pastimes, stories, hymns of God. So that they can better understand our Sanatan culture when they reach late adolescence stage. And our efforts to bring the basic element of Sanatan Dharma to the mass by 'Pragya' OTT, will surely bring effective and positive changes in the future.

The website of 'Pragya', the world's first spiritual and sanatani OTT, an incomparable platform to roam the infinite ocean of Bhakti Ras, is ready and its mobile app can be downloaded on Google Play Store.

Pragya will be available soon on other forums as well and continuous work is going on to make it more accessible.

'Pragya' OTT is a resolution, an effort to take our glorious Sanatan culture to large number of people and to make the coming generation aware of it. In the past, under the auspices of Pragya, virtual Mantra competition, spiritual singing competition, etc. were organized keeping in mind the COVID-19 protocols in which the youth showed their skills and their inclination towards spirituality. The winners in these competitions were given a cash prize of Rs 5000, 3000, 2000 with their video telecast on 'Pragya' OTT. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Pragya is not only a powerful path of spiritual upliftment but also an unmatched platform for economic empowerment and to establish an identity on the strength of your skills and faith.

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