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SeaBiotix Reviews - Real Weight Loss Gummies or Fake Ancient Mongolian Tribal Method?

Updated on: 25 January,2023 05:10 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Unhealthy weight harms physical, mental, sexual, and social well-being. Carrying excessive weight is the leading cause of numerous health issues, including hypertension, diabetes, and joint problems.

SeaBiotix Reviews - Real Weight Loss Gummies or Fake Ancient Mongolian Tribal Method?

In addition, unhealthy weight can lower one's self-esteem and self-confidence. People who get body-shaming remarks because of their bodies may suffer from passive mental issues like stress and depression. Further, obesity alters various hormones and may lower one's sexual health.

Experts recommend fighting obesity from the root. Specific weight loss solutions like surgery and liposuction are expensive and may not be permanently effective. Regular workouts and dieting are clinically proven to support weight loss.

Some fat loss solutions require users to sacrifice their time, money, and energy to gain considerable benefits. Most people today are busy and may not get adequate time to diet or work out.

SeaBiotix gummies are a weight loss supplement promising to fight extra pounds using natural nutrients. It is supposedly based on an ancient Mongolian tribal solution that supports effective and rapid weight loss. How does it work? Is it effective? Who can use SeaBiotix weight loss gummies? Below is a review that can help you understand the dietary supplement gummies.

SeaBiotix Overview


SeaBiotix Dietary Gummies





Soursop Leaf Extract

Yacon Root Syrup

Turmeric Oil


Sea Buckthorn

Key Features


Easy to eat


Non-habit forming

Zero stimulants

Plant-based ingredients

Key Benefits

Support weight loss

Balance hormones

Elevate energy levels

Enhance immunity

Balance moods

Support sleep quality

Increase growth of lean muscles


Adult men and women


One gummy daily

Side Effects

SeaBiotix reports that none of the users have reported developing any nasty side effects after consumption

Satisfaction Guarantee

60-day money-back guarantee


Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. The gummies may melt under high temperatures. Thus, it may be advisable to refrigerate during inclement weather.


It is not ideal for pregnant and nursing women

Place the SeaBiotix gummies away from children

Users allergic to any SeaBiotix ingredients should refrain from using the supplement.

It may not be ideal for users under any medication


Bonuses are only available in orders above three bottles. These include:

8-Week Fitness Plan

8-Week Meal Plan


Check official website

What is SeaBiotix?

SeaBiotix is a dietary supplement that can aid overweight folks in shedding weight quickly. It is based on an ancient Mongolian secret that supports health and can accelerate fat oxidation. The maker claims it has six scientifically proven nutrients that battle obesity from the root.

SeaBiotix is in the form of gummies and is easy to incorporate into your routine. The manufacturer claims that each capsule is created in a US-based facility that complies with the relevant manufacturing principles.

The ancient nutrients and plants inside SeaBiotix are clinically proven to enhance weight loss. The gummies are purportedly in the correct amounts to give users quality results quickly. Adult men and women can use SeaBiotix without the risk of getting any side effects.

How Does SeaBiotix Work?

Many people struggle with weight issues regardless of their diet and workout regimen. SeaBiotix's official website reports that a new study at Harvard University and other research institutes points out that insulin resistance is the primary reason you cannot lose weight effectively.

Unfortunately, you are unlikely to fight insulin resistance by only transforming the diet and calisthenics routines. A skinny person's hormonal profile is different from that of an obese individual. Slim individuals enjoy high metabolic rates, better energy levels, balanced moods, and good sleep. Most obese folks suffer from chronic fatigue, poor cognition, unhealthy appetite, and low metabolic rates.

SeaBiotix maker reasons that fighting insulin resistance may support natural weight reduction. Improving the body's ability to utilize excess sugar can accelerate fat oxidation and the growth of lean muscles.

SeaBiotix is designed to facilitate weight loss through the following:

Increasing Energy Levels – SeaBiotix has multiple metabolic-boosting nutrients that elevate natural energy levels. The ingredients speed fat oxidation, lipolysis, and thermogenesis, thus prompting the body to release fat cells.

Balance Hormones – SeaBiotix can balance various hormones, including insulin. It restores a healthy balance between glucose absorption and oxidation. The creator states that it can increase insulin sensitivity and minimize fat storage.

Support Healthy Inflammations – Various SeaBiotix ingredients may fight unhealthy inflammations. These inflammations slow the basal metabolic rates, increase insulin resistance, and hinder energy production. By restoring healthy inflammations, SeaBiotix can stimulate rapid thermogenesis and weight loss.

Support Digestion – Some SeaBiotix ingredients, such as yacon root syrup, are clinically proven to increase the population of healthy gut bacteria. It can improve digestive processes and support healthy fat metabolism.

Combat Hunger – SeaBiotix can inhibit the overproduction of hunger hormone (ghrelin) and prompt the brain to metabolize stored fat for energy. Less food intake supports calorific deficit making weight loss a straightforward procedure.

Relationship Between Insulin Resistance and Weight Gain

The manufacturers of SeaBiotix believe that dieting and regular workouts may not be effective in fighting obesity. Insulin resistance is purportedly the primary reason you are not losing extra weight using conventional methods.

Insulin resistance results from genetic and lifestyle factors. Ideally, the pancreas secretes insulin hormones to balance the excess blood sugar, particularly after a meal.

Insulin resistance or impaired insulin sensitivity is a medical condition that occurs when the liver, muscle, and fat cells cannot utilize or store the excess blood sugar even in the presence of insulin.

A high glycemic index stimulates the pancreas to release insulin. The hormone triggers the fat, muscle, and liver cells to absorb the excess blood sugar for energy production or storage for later use. A person with insulin resistance produces adequate insulin, but the different beta and alpha cells fail to absorb the excess sugar molecules.

Chronic insulin resistance impairs various cells and may trigger multiple biochemical processes that trigger weight gain. For example, impaired insulin sensitivity slows the overall metabolic rates leading to low energy levels, fatigability, and poor mental health. Additionally, it can increase harmful cholesterol levels, reduce blood flow, and compromise immunity.

What causes insulin resistance?

According to the SeaBiotix maker, genetics, age, and dietary habits increase the risk of developing insulin resistance. Obesity increases abdominal fat, and physical inactivity can cause impaired insulin insensitivity. The excess weight triggers unhealthy inflammations in the body, which slow fat metabolism. Consuming high-carb, saturated fats, and processed foods spike blood sugar levels, stressing the pancreas, which may result in insulin resistance.

SeaBiotix Features

All SeaBiotix ingredients are natural and from pure sources

All ingredients are plant-based

The formulation is easy to consume

It has zero stimulants, GMOs, and other harmful ingredients

A 60-day satisfaction guarantee covers each SeaBiotix order

Customers can buy the supplement online without a prescription

SeaBiotix is manufactured in the US in a facility that follows strict GMP standards

SeaBiotix Ingredients

All SeaBiotix ingredients are supposedly from clean sources. The supplement is based on ancient Mongolian nutrients supporting immunity, energy levels, and longevity. The six nutrients in SeaBiotix target the inner body temperature and can supercharge the calories-burning engine. Consequently, it may stimulate rapid weight loss. The active ingredients include:

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sea buckthorn oil is an ancient medicinal plant used to manage various health problems. The small shrub grows predominantly in the Himalayan region. The natives used it as a topical and oral herb.

Traditional Chinese and Ayurveda medicine refers to sea buckthorn as the Holy Fruit of the Himalayas. SeaBiotix creator claims it can support weight loss and enhance overall health.

Sea Buckthorn is a natural antioxidant rich in vitamins C, K, and E. It also has minerals such as copper, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and iron. The ingredients work by blocking the absorption of unhealthy cholesterol into the bloodstream.

Sea buckthorn is rich in omega-six fats that enhance skin health and protect it against acne and eczema.

SeaBiotix advertises that sea buckthorn may reduce blood sugar levels and combat insulin resistance. Several studies on animals reveal that it may increase insulin sensitivity and improve pancreatic health, thus promoting insulin secretion.

Sea buckthorn is an immune booster that can help your boy to fight infections. It has minerals, phytosterols, and vitamins that support healthy immunity. Animal studies suggest that it may augment the digestive system, thus facilitating weight loss. Additionally, sea buckthorn may improve hair, skin, and nail health.


Biotin is a B complex vitamin scientifically proven to enhance weight loss. According to scientific trials, it accelerates the conversion of food into energy. Biotin also regulates some cellular and gene activities.

SeaBiotix claims that biotin can enhance insulin regulation. It supports the release and function of the sugar-controlling hormone in the pancreas. In specific dosages, biotin can battle insulin resistance. It may keep healthy blood sugar levels. Additionally, it can stimulate the conversion of stored fat into sugar molecules and energy.

Biotin is also rich in B vitamins that accelerate metabolic rates. Regular intake can improve energy levels, therefore, augmenting physical performance. Increased energy supports various mental functions, including focus, learning, and thinking.

Most heart support supplements comprise biotin. It is medically proven to regulate cholesterol levels and improve blood pressure. Biotin may minimize the risk of developing coronary heart issues.

Turmeric Oil

Modern medicine has begun to incorporate this ancient yellow-colored root tuber. Turmeric is clinically proven to support various aspects of health. It is rich in curcumin and Piperine elements that support energy production and regulate metabolic functions.

In weight loss, turmeric root works by reducing inflammation and obesity-related fatigue. The curcumin compounds amplify the metabolic rates leading to elevated energy levels.

Turmeric may also aid in balancing various hormones, including human growth, insulin, and reproductive hormones. It may support moods, improve sleep, and fight stress.

SeaBiotix adds turmeric oil to the proprietary blend to increase the absorption of other ingredients. Piperine is known to enhance bioavailability and protect various components from digestive juices.

Yacon Root Syrup

Yacon root syrup battles the extra weight by suppressing appetite, increasing energy production, and improving gut health. Clinical studies prove that better gut health supports healthy metabolic rates, thus facilitating weight loss. Yacon root syrup has multiple fructans that enhance the population of beneficial gut bacteria. It may minimize the time food stays in the gastrointestinal system.

Yacon Root syrup also blocks the production of the ghrelin hormone. The hormone supports appetite and prompts the brain to release hunger signals. Ghrelin forces the body to increase food intake and fat storage. Yacon root can suppress the appetite and block the overproduction of the ghrelin hormone.

SeaBiotix state that yacon root syrup can combat and reset insulin resistance. It can improve insulin sensitivity which facilitates optimal regulation of blood sugar levels. It enhances the beta and alpha cells to absorb and metabolize the excess glucose in the blood.

Soursop Leaf Extract

Soursop is loaded with linoleic acid that supercharges the metabolism. It can facilitate healthy fat oxidation and thermogenesis. Consequently, users may experience better energy levels and improved physical performances.

Soursop leaf extract can enrich gut health. It may balance the gut microbiota and support the digestive processes. Additionally, Soursop may block the development of new fat cells and improve lipolysis.

Soursop is described as a blood sugar stabilizer. It can improve the secretion and action of insulin on blood sugar levels. Also, it facilitates healthy sugar levels and can combat insulin resistance.


Berberine supposedly mimics the action of the pharmaceutical metformin in regulating blood sugar levels. It enhances the action of insulin and can reverse impaired insulin sensitivity. Also, berberine is known to stabilize blood sugar levels and support glucose metabolism.

SeaBiotix claims that SeaBiotix can activate the brown adipose tissues and metabolize stored glucose. It improves energy production by activating the brown fat to release fat cells. Further, berberine can prompt the body to use fat reserves and suppress the appetite.

Some scholars argue that berberine may benefit heart health. It works by encouraging healthy cholesterol levels. It also supports liver function and may reduce the risk of developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Benefits of SeaBiotix Dietary Supplement

SeaBiotix advertises it can offer users various health benefits, including:

Elevate Energy Levels – SeaBiotix comprises various metabolic boosting ingredients that augment the natural energy levels. It can help the users to enjoy constant energy levels throughout the day, thus refining their physical and mental performances.

Support Digestion – SeaBiotix can balance the gut microbiota, boosting digestive health. Better digestion supports optimal nutrient absorption and may amplify the immune response.

Support Weight Loss – SeaBiotix is advertised as an effective fat loss supplement. It targets the root of obesity by increasing insulin sensitivity and raising metabolic rates. It supports healthy glucose metabolism and fights unhealthy appetite.

Augment Immunity – SeaBiotix may enhance your immune response. It contains various antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that protect the body from various health issues.

Augment Sexual Health – SeaBiotix can balance the reproductive health hormones in men and women, augmenting sexual health. It may raise the libido and energy levels.

Balance Moods – SeaBiotix can heighten the production of mood hormones like dopamine. It can lower the production of stress hormones, support relaxation, and augment sleep quality. It may also reduce stress and other symptoms of depression.

Support Heart Health – Some SeaBiotix ingredients combat unhealthy cholesterol and may strengthen arterial health. The formula can improve blood pressure by reducing arterial calcification.

SeaBiotix creator recommends using the supplement regularly to reap its benefits. Additionally, users must modify their diet and lifestyle to gain the advertised health benefits rapidly.

SeaBiotix Dosage

SeaBiotix creator recommends taking one gummy daily with a big glass of water. Consumers should use the formula consistently. However, users should always stay within the suggested dosage. SeaBiotix is not ideal for pregnant and nursing women. Users under any medication should consult their doctor before using the supplement.


SeaBiotix is only available via the official website. Customers should take advantage of the discounts offered for buying in bulk.

Buy one bottle for $59

Buy three bottles for $49 each & get free shipping

Buy six bottles for $39 each & get free shipping

All three or six bottle orders qualify for digital bonuses designed to help you attain your fitness goals quickly. The bonuses are:

8-Week Meal Plan - The 8-Week Meal Plan is a digital guide comprising various recipes to help you quickly eliminate extra pounds. It is an easy-to-follow customized plan ideal for all users. Additionally, the meal plan comes with a grocery list containing locally available ingredients. SeaBiotix claims that the 8-Week meal Plan can help you maximize your weight loss goal.

8-Week Fitness Plan - The 8-Week Fitness Plan comprises various workout activities you can comfortably perform at home. The different movements are designed for all body types. You can complete simple workouts daily at home without using any machine.

Money-back Guarantee

SeaBiotix maker is confident that the supplement will work as advertised. Thus, a 60-day money-back guarantee protects each bottle. A user who finds the product disappointing should consult SeaBiotix's support team and request a refund within the specified days.


SeaBiotix is a blend of six science-proven ingredients that support natural weight loss. The supplement purportedly targets the root of weight issues (insulin resistance.) It can heighten energy production, fat oxidation, and insulin sensitivity. Consuming a gummy daily may improve moods, accelerate fat loss, and augment overall health. Customers should take advantage of the current SeaBiotix discounts to purchase multiple bottles. Visit the official website today to learn more!


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