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Tirzepatide Cost Price With Insurance and Coupons, Copays, Savings, Where to Buy Tirzepatide and Cheaper Alternatives

Updated on: 30 May,2023 02:47 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Tirzepatide is a new weight loss drug sold under the brand name Mounjaro.

Tirzepatide Cost Price With Insurance and Coupons, Copays, Savings, Where to Buy Tirzepatide and Cheaper Alternatives

The cost of Tirzepatide can be quite high between USD1000 and USD1500 a month. There are ways to get it cheaper though through insurance providers and with coupons and copay savings.

Further down we will show the various Tirzepatide prices at pharmacies in the United States and Canada.

Cheaper Alternatives to Tirzepatide Over the Counter

Although effective, injectable drugs are not for everyone. They are expensive and can cause side effects. With this in mind here are the cheaper and safer natural alternatives that produce similar weight loss results to Tirzepatide.

1 - PhenQ

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PhenQ is a natural weight loss supplement that offers an alternative for those seeking to lose weight safely and affordably. It contains a unique blend of ingredients that have been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss through multiple mechanisms: By boosting metabolism and energy levels, reducing appetite and food cravings, and inhibiting the production of new fat cells.

PhenQ works gradually over time to help users lose weight safely and sustainably, without severe side effects like those associated with injectable drugs. A one-month supply of PhenQ costs around USD70, making it significantly more affordable than Tirzepatide which costs over USD1,000 per month without insurance. Plus, PhenQ is available over the counter without a prescription, so no visits to the doctor are needed.

PhenQ can produce similar weight loss results to injectable treatment with a multi action approach to weight loss in a more affordable and side effect-friendly format for those who prefer natural supplements over prescription drugs.

2 - Altai Balance

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Altai Balance is a natural supplement designed to help balance blood sugar and support healthy weight loss through optimizing digestive health. It contains herbal extracts and nutrients that work gradually and gently to promote natural weight management.

Altai Balance aims to balance blood sugar by restoring healthy gut bacteria and digestion which has been linked to weight gain and insulin issues. By focusing on gut and metabolic health, Altai Balance offers a holistic alternative to injected drugs like Tirzepatide that target body weight alone.

A one-month supply of Altai Balance costs just USD69, making it far more affordable than prescription medication, Tirzepatide, which costs over USD1,000 per month without insurance. Altai Balance is also available without a prescription, eliminating doctor visit costs.

Unlike injectable drugs, Altai Balance uses natural botanicals and minerals to balance blood sugar and improve metabolic function in a safe, gentle manner that avoids severe side effects. Its unique gut-based approach may yield sustainable weight loss by addressing the root causes of obesity.

3 - Zotrim

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Zotrim is a natural herbal supplement aimed at supporting healthy weight loss through appetite suppression and metabolic enhancement. It contains a unique blend of plant extracts and nutrients designed to help curb food cravings and reduce calorie intake. Zotrim's all-natural formula activates receptors in the brain that transmit feelings of fullness, making users feel more satisfied on fewer calories.

Zotrim may also reduce BMI by boosting the body's basal metabolic rate to facilitate fat burning. One of Zotrim's key ingredients, Yerba Mate leaf extract, is high in caffeine and antioxidants that can increase energy expenditure and fight free radicals linked to obesity.

A one-month supply of Zotrim costs around USD60, significantly less than prescription weight loss drugs that cost over USD1,000 per month. Zotrim is also sold without a prescription, eliminating the need for doctor visits.

Unlike some injectable weight loss drugs, Zotrim uses natural ingredients to curb appetite and boost metabolism in a gentle way that is typically well-tolerated with minimal side effects. However, results are generally more modest and gradual compared to injected drugs.

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What is Tirzepatide?

Tirzepatide is an injectable weight loss drug in the glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist class. When administered via weekly injections, tirzepatide helps reduce body weight by suppressing appetite and increasing insulin sensitivity.

The drug promotes significant weight loss, with clinical trials demonstrating reductions in body weight of 15% to 25% for those receiving the highest dose of 12 mg. This degree of weight reduction can help improve blood sugar levels, blood pressure, blood lipids and insulin sensitivity - yielding important health benefits.

Like other prescription drugs for weight loss, the estimated treatment related costs for tirzepatide can be high, making it unaffordable without insurance coverage. With insurance, the costs will vary based on plan specifics and may include a coinsurance or copayment.

Beyond the potential weight loss benefits, the drug also offers health benefits by improving blood glucose levels and cardiovascular risk factors in those with type 2 diabetes. As a new weight loss drug approved by the FDA in 2022, tirzepatide represents an obesity medicine that could change the standard of care if proven to be cost-effective compared to other options.

Health care professionals will need to evaluate the relative cost effectiveness and incremental cost ratios of tirzepatide versus competing weight loss drugs, taking into account patient assistance programs and wholesale acquisition costs. Over time, data on long-term outcomes, safety and cost will help determine the appropriate place for this injectable weight loss drug within treatment guidelines.

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Is Tirzepatide FDA Approved for Weight loss?

Tirzepatide (brand name Mounjaro) is currently only FDA approved for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It is not directly approved for weight loss.

However, significant weight reduction is a well-established side effect of GLP-1 receptor agonists. Clinical trials have shown that the medication can facilitate substantial Body Mass Index reduction in people with type 2 diabetes and obesity. For example:

1. In the SURPASS-3 trial, patients on the 12 mg dose of tirzepatide lost an average of 22.5% of their body weight over 72 weeks.

2. A 52-week trial found that tirzepatide doses of 5 mg to 15 mg resulted in weight loss ranging from 12.0% to 18.1% of baseline body weight.

3. Even the lower 2.5 mg and 5 mg doses produced average weight loss of 8.3% and 10.9% of baseline weight, respectively.

While tirzepatide is not FDA approved specifically for losing weight, the substantial and meaningful fat loss seen in these trials suggests it could be used "off-label" for weight management. The robust appetite suppressing effects were actually a key factor in its approval for type 2 diabetes.

While tirzepatide is FDA approved only for diabetes treatment, the clear weight loss benefits observed in clinical trials likely mean it will be commonly prescribed off-label for weight management in overweight and obese patients. The FDA has not explicitly approved tirzepatide for chronic weight management therapy.

Tirzepatide Side Effects - Safety Issues and Dangers

Some common side effects of tirzepatide (Mounjaro) include:

1. Nausea - This is the most frequently reported side effect. Nausea usually happens within the first few weeks as the body adjusts and tends to lessen over time.

2. Vomiting - Though less common than nausea, vomiting can occur, especially at higher doses.

3. Diarrhea - More frequent or loose stools are a possible side effect.

4. Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) - This typically occurs only in patients already on insulin or other antihyperglycemic medications.

5. Abdominal pain - Stomach discomfort, bloating, cramps or spasms can happen.

6. Decreased appetite - Loss of appetite is actually an intended effect to promote weight loss but can cause issues for some patients.

7. Pancreatitis - A serious but rare potential side effect. Patients should stop tirzepatide and see a doctor right away if they develop severe abdominal pain that may radiate to the back.

8. Gallbladder disease - Cases of gallstones and gallbladder inflammation have been reported, though infrequently.

Other potential but uncommon side effects include dizziness, headache, fatigue, constipation and injection site reactions like itching, redness or pain.

Most side effects associated with the medicine are mild to moderate in severity. Nausea usually resolves within a few weeks. However, some patients may experience more severe or persistent side effects that warrant dose reductions, temporary treatment discontinuation, or switching to another medication.

As with any new drug, it's important patients contact their doctor right away if they experience concerning side effects while taking tirzepatide. Their provider can help determine the best approach going forward based on severity, duration and impact on quality of life.

Tirzepatide Cost

Here are the key details on tirzepatide (Mounjaro) price:

Without Insurance:

  • The list price for tirzepatide is very high, around USD1,100-USD1,500 for a one-month (4 week) supply.
  • The manufacturer, Eli Lilly, offers a coupon that can lower the cost to USD25 per month for eligible patients without insurance.
  • Some patients may be able to access free drugs through Lilly's patient assistance program.

With Insurance:

  • The out-of-pocket cost will depend on the specific insurance plan and pharmacy benefits.
  • Most plans will require a copayment, typically ranging from USD25 to USD100 or more per monthly prescription.
  • Some plans have a deductible that must be met first, which could result in the full list price until the deductible is fulfilled.
  • Insurance may only cover tirzepatide for its FDA-approved use in diabetes, not weight loss. Patients may have to appeal for weight loss coverage as an off-label use.

Other Considerations:

  • Savings cards offered by the manufacturer can reduce costs for both insured and uninsured patients.
  • Generic versions of tirzepatide are not yet available, which limits cost-saving options.
  • Pharmacy coupons from programs like GoodRx may offer additional discounts, especially for the uninsured.

In summary, tirzepatide costs are generally high. Insurance and manufacturer coupons/assistance programs are crucial for most patients to access this new treatment. However, given the substantial weight loss effects, the injectable treatment may prove to be "worth it" for those who do not respond well to other options.

USA and Canadian Pharmacies that Sell Tirzepatide

Here are 10 pharmacies that sell tirzepatide (Mounjaro) and approximate costs:


Walgreens - USD1,200 to USD1,500 without insurance for a one-month supply. With insurance, typically a USD25-USD100 copay.

CVS - Around the same cost as Walgreens, USD1,200-USD1,500 without insurance. Insurance copay ranges from USD25 to USD100.

Walmart - Slightly lower at USD1,100-USD1,300 without insurance. Insurance copay varies.

GoodRx - Pharmacy coupons can reduce the cost to around USD900-USD1,100 without insurance.

Costco - Costs are generally comparable to other major pharmacies, around USD1,200 to USD1,500 without insurance.


Shoppers Drug Mart - CUSD1,700 to CUSD1,900 for a one-month supply without insurance. Insurance coverage varies.

Rexall - Around the same as Shoppers at CUSD1,700 to CUSD1,900 without insurance. Generic versions are not yet available.

London Drugs - Cost is also about CUSD1,700 to CUSD1,900 without insurance. Insurance coverage varies.

Loblaws - Approximately CUSD1,700 to CUSD1,900 for a one-month supply if paying out of pocket. Insurance requirements differ.

Pharmasave - Comparable cost to other Canadian pharmacies, around CUSD1,700 to CUSD1,900 without insurance. Insurance coverage varies based on plan.

In summary, tirzepatide costs tend to range from around USD1,100 to USD1,500 USD per month in the U.S. and CUSD1,700 to CUSD1,900 CAD per month in Canada when paying out of pocket. Insurance coverage and copays vary considerably and can help lower the price significantly for eligible patients.

Who has the Cheapest Price for Tirzepatide

The cheapest prices for tirzepatide (Mounjaro) generally come from using:

1) Insurance coverage - If you have insurance that covers tirzepatide for weight loss or diabetes, your copay or coinsurance amount will likely be the lowest out-of-pocket cost. This could range from USD25 to several hundred dollars per monthly prescription, depending on your specific plan.

2) Drug manufacturer coupons - Eli Lilly, the makers of tirzepatide, offers a coupon that can reduce the cost to as little as USD25 per month for eligible patients. This applies to both insured and uninsured individuals.

3) Pharmacy discount programs - Services and pharmaceutical companies like GoodRx offer coupons that can lower the price of tirzepatide significantly when buying without insurance. Potential savings vary by pharmacy but discounts of 30% to 50% off are common.

4) Patient assistance programs - For those who meet the requirements, Eli Lilly offers free tirzepatide through their patient assistance program. This would obviously be the lowest possible cost. However, eligibility is limited to financially qualified individuals.

5) Generic versions - Once generics become available (which could take several years), they will likely offer the most affordable prices. However, there are currently no generic alternatives to tirzepatide.

In summary, using insurance coverage and manufacturer coupons/savings programs tends to provide the lowest costs for most patients now. Patient assistance may be an option for some. However, given the current list price of USD1,100 to USD1,500 per month, cheaper options are needed to make tirzepatide more accessible. Generics entering the market would help drive costs down significantly over time.

Can You Get Tirzepatide on Insurance

Yes, most health insurance plans will cover tirzepatide (Mounjaro), though there are a few considerations:

1. Tirzepatide is FDA approved for type 2 diabetes, so insurance will generally cover it for this indication. Some plans may require a prior authorization to confirm tirzepatide is medically necessary for the patient's diabetes.

2. Although the treatment is not directly approved by the FDA for weight loss, it can cause significant weight reduction as a side effect. Some insurance plans may cover tirzepatide for weight loss as an off-label use, but this is not guaranteed. Patients may need to appeal the insurer's decision or get their doctor to submit supporting documentation.

3. The exact out-of-pocket cost for tirzepatide will depend on the patient's specific insurance plan and benefits. Most commonly, insurance will require either:

4. A copay - A fixed amount the patient pays per new prescription medication used, usually around USD25-USD100. This is the most common cost-sharing method.

5. Coinsurance - The patient pays a percentage of the total drug cost, such as 20-30%. Coinsurance amounts tend to be higher than copays.

6. Patients may need to meet their deductible first before most or all of the cost is covered, depending on the plan. Deductibles are usually USD1,000-USD5,000 for an individual.

7. Formulary placement - How favorably a drug is covered by the formulary (list of covered drugs) can impact costs. Preferred formulary placement results in lower copays typically.

In summary, insurance coverage for tirzepatide is available but not guaranteed, and out-of-pocket costs will vary significantly based on the insurance plan specifics. Coverage for weight loss is less certain and may require an appeal. However, for most patients with insurance, copays and coinsurance for tirzepatide will likely be lower than its overall list price of USD1,100-USD1,500 per month.


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