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Wear a new sparkle each day. At Vinay Jewels, its personal -- your diamonds, your moods, at your price!

Updated on: 27 May,2022 12:28 PM IST  |  MUMBAI
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Wear a new sparkle each day. At Vinay Jewels, its personal -- your diamonds, your moods, at your price!

As the world opens up once more, are you ready to sparkle? 

We have changed. The pandemic has taught us to live each day, make each moment a celebration of life. As we get back to school, to work, to business, we all need a little sparkle each day. Vinay Jewels, Mumbai-based international diamond designer since 2009, is a brand in tune with the times. Now, you can order your diamonds online with absolute surety! 


A diamond a day

New day, new you! Why then should your jewellery be the same old? 

“It’s the trend to buy classic, every-day wear jewellery,” says Vinay Maheshwari, founder Vinay Jewels. No more are people waiting for weddings and family functions to wear their diamonds. Now, you need stylish bands to wear at work meetings, beautiful earrings for school orientations, sparkling bracelets for lunches with friends and stunning necklaces for dinners with family.

“The inclination while jewellery shopping is focussed to definitive but minimalistic statement pieces. It has to be something you can change every day. It has to be har din heera,” smiles Maheshwari.  

This also means you no longer need to await a festive occasion to visit your jeweller. The world is online and so is jewellery at Vinay Jewels. Affordable diamond jewellery is now available on your touch screen, home-delivered. Of course, with the same guarantees and certifications of quality.


Your diamond, your design

Your wardrobe is designed according to your style choices. Why should your jewellery be different?

“It’s time to buy customised jewellery -- your piece, the way you want it!” says Maheshwari. At Vinay Jewels, it’s all about exclusivity.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you had the flexibility to change your exclusive jewellery (not artificial, we are only talking real diamonds here!) just like you make wardrobe choices each day? 

Antique Kundan with that gorgeous silk kurta today? Or elegant Italian diamond stud earrings to match your pencil pants and handbag? How about a matching pendant and danglers to show off the breezy summer, hair-tied-back style at lunch?

Of course, exclusivity comes for premium, bridal or high-end jewellery but, at Vinay Jewels, it also comes for each small piece that you order according to your style.

Each piece at Vinay Jewels is a design that’s unique to you. And their intricate, innovative craftsmanship ensures it’s patterned to perfection.


Can I afford it?

“Yes, absolutely,” promises the master designer, adding, “In fact, it’s the customisation in jewellery that brings down the pricing. You decide your price and we will help you make a statement piece within that budget.”

When exclusivity can be so cost-effective, why would you buy in-store pieces that others might have too?


What’s the guarantee?

Diamond jewellery is all made in 14 karat or 18 karat gold standard material. Of course, with such easy customisation.

“The diamonds itself come with their international certification with Hallmark. The credentials are common across the world,” says Maheshwari.

Quality controlled.

Purity assured.

Peace of mind guaranteed.


At Vinay Jewels free shipping is available worldwide. No more waiting. So which diamond are you going to wear today?

Remember, har din ek heera.

Or maybe two?



Did you know?

  • You can now match your jewellery with your mood -- and your wardrobe!
  • Customisation brings down costs.
  • Guaranteed diamond jewellery can be bought online and home-delivered.


Branches available at Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh and Bhatinda, by appointment only.



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