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The Green Hornet - Movie review

Updated on: 15 January,2011 06:37 AM IST  | 
Tushar Joshi |

Dir: Michel Gondry Cast: Christoph Waltz, Jay Chou, Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz

The Green Hornet - Movie review

The Green Hornet
U/A; Action
Dir: Michel Gondry
Cast: Christoph Waltz, Jay Chou, Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz

What's it about: He's a super hero with a twist. Seth Rogen is really the most unlikely candidate to wear a mask and tight latex. In The Green Hornet, he's forced to become someone he's not. His sidekick is Kato (Chou) who until now has been fixing cars. Almost like two idle men having nothing much to do, they devise a plan to wear masks and impersonate a criminal named Green Hornet. The two seem to be pretty entertained doing so, but what about the audience? That's one big question!

What's hot: The action in the film is well choreographed. Rogen's street battles with Christoph Waltz are the major highlight of the film. Rogen's fans might enjoy him taking on something totally different from his regular staple of rom-coms. Chou is superb and his scenes with Rogen are the bestu00a0-- especially the scene when he's out to pimp the Hornet's ride.

What's not: Coming from someone who directed the cult classic Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, this one is a complete mess. Not only does it fail to fall in any particular genre, it also makes you do the unthinkableu00a0-- dislike Seth Rogen! For an actor who's forte is being charming and likeable, it is a big feat to be able to anger his fans for two straight hours. 3D technology is becoming more of a curse than a boon for viewers. The Green Hornet is a prime example of how studios are getting greedier by dangling the 3D bone in an attempt to make some extra cash. Most of the film could do without the effects -- in fact it would have been a much better experience in 2D. Cameron Diaz is a total waste. She has nothing much to do and doesn't even provide the glamour quotient like she did in The Mask (remember her entry scene?). The film lacks pace and punch.

What to do: Neither dark nor visually appealing, The Green Hornet is a hollow attempt to showcase Seth Rogen in a different light. Unfortunately, the effort falls flat.

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