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Movie Review: 'Chennai Express'

Updated on: 10 August,2013 12:18 PM IST  | 
Shubha Shetty-Saha |

If you leave logic and some of your education behind, 'Chennai Express' manages to get some chuckles out of you, keeps you entertained for part of it

Movie Review: 'Chennai Express'

The heroine is running towards a train going to Chennai, even though she is running away from Chennai. The urn containing the hero’s grandfather’s ‘precious’ ashes plays hide and seek conveniently. The goons kill everyone around but spare the hero, and most of Tamil Nadu cannot decipher Hindi words like they are the aliens of 'Krrish 3' …so on and so forth.

Well, this film is Brand Rohit Shetty so you are expected to leave your brains at home. (While you are at it, keep it in the refrigerator, it would help if it stays cool when you return after watching the climax of this movie).

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