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Does Kratom Show Up on a Drug Test

Updated on: 08 September,2023 05:28 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Are you a fan of Kratom? Maybe you've heard about its potential benefits, from pain relief to relaxation.

Does Kratom Show Up on a Drug Test



But if you're facing a drug test in the near future, you might be wondering, "Does Kratom show up on a drug test?" Well, fear not! In this blog post, we'll dive deep into the topic and give you all the information you need to know. So sit back, relax (maybe with some Kratom), and let's explore whether or not this herbal supplement can make an appearance on your next drug test.


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Welcome to the world of Kratom and drug tests! Whether you're a seasoned user or just starting out, it's essential to understand how Kratom interacts with drug tests. Many people often wonder if this natural substance will show up on their upcoming screening. Well, the short answer is yes, it can.

Kratom contains alkaloids that might trigger a positive result on certain types of drug tests. The specific alkaloids found in Kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. While these compounds aren't typically tested for in standard drug screenings, they can still be detected if specifically targeted.

When undergoing a drug test, keep in mind that there are various methods used to detect substances in your system. The most common types include urine tests, blood tests, hair follicle tests, and saliva/swab tests. Each method has its own detection window and sensitivity level when it comes to detecting Kratom.

Urine tests are the most frequently used form of drug testing due to their affordability and convenience. They usually have a shorter detection window compared to other methods but may still pick up traces of Kratom within several days after use.

Blood tests are less commonly used for routine employment or legal screenings unless there's suspicion of recent substance abuse or impairment. These tend to offer a narrower time frame for detection but could potentially identify Kratom within 24 hours after ingestion.

Hair follicle testing offers an extensive timeline for detecting substances like Kratom as it captures metabolites present in the hair shafts over an extended period - up to three months depending on hair growth rates.

Saliva or swab tests provide rapid results while having a relatively short detection window (usually one day). Although less frequently used than urine or blood testing methods, they may still uncover traces of Kratom during this brief timeframe.

Now that we've established that kratom can indeed show up on certain types of drug screens, you may be wondering how to go about passing a test if needed.

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Kratom DOES show up on drug tests

Kratom, a natural herb originating from Southeast Asia, has gained popularity in recent years for its potential benefits. However, it's important to be aware that kratom can indeed show up on drug tests. While it may not be included in standard drug screenings, specific tests can detect the presence of kratom alkaloids.

One such test is the Mitragynine Urine Test, which specifically targets the primary active component of kratom. This means that if you have recently consumed kratom, there is a chance it will be detected during a drug screening.

It's worth noting that different types of drug tests have varying levels of sensitivity when it comes to detecting substances like kratom. For example, urine and blood tests are more likely to identify the presence of kratom compared to hair follicle or saliva tests.

If you find yourself needing to pass a drug test and want to ensure that any traces of kratom are undetectable, there are products available on the market designed to help with this situation. Two popular options include TestClear and TestNegative.

TestClear offers various detoxification products specifically formulated to eliminate toxins from your system quickly and effectively. They provide solutions for both urine and saliva testing methods.

Meanwhile, TestNegative specializes in offering synthetic urine kits as well as detoxifying drinks aimed at helping individuals pass their drug screenings successfully.

Remember that while these products may increase your chances of passing a drug test involving kratom detection, they do not guarantee 100% results. It is always essential to consider legal implications and consult with professionals regarding your specific circumstances before attempting any measures related to passing a drug test involving Kratom.

Using TestClear & TestNegative to pass a drug test

Using TestClear & TestNegative to pass a drug test is a common strategy for those who may have consumed kratom and want to ensure they pass their screening. These products are designed to help individuals detoxify their bodies and eliminate any traces of substances that could be detected in a drug test.

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On the other hand, TestNegative provides synthetic urine kits that can be used as an alternative sample during urine drug testing. These kits contain laboratory-grade synthetic urine that closely resembles real human urine in terms of composition and appearance. They also come with heating pads to maintain the temperature within normal ranges.

It's crucial to remember that using these products does not guarantee passing a drug test with absolute certainty. Factors such as individual metabolism, frequency of use, dosage taken, and quality of the product can all influence the outcome.

In addition to relying on these detoxification methods or synthetic samples, it's essential always you consider other aspects like staying hydrated, following a healthy lifestyle (including exercise), abstaining from substance use prior to testing if possible.

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Remember: there is no foolproof method when it comes to passing a drug test after consuming kratom or other substances that may show up on screening results. It is ultimately best practice not consume any potentially detectable substances before undergoing testing if you wish avoid complications entirely.

What type of drug test & what to use for each

When it comes to drug testing, there are different types of tests that can be used to detect the presence of substances in your system. The most common types of drug tests include urine tests, blood tests, saliva tests, and hair follicle tests. Each test has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it's important to understand which test may be used in order to choose the appropriate method for passing.

Urine tests are the most commonly used type of drug test because they are quick and relatively inexpensive. If you know you have a urine test coming up, there are products available like TestClear and TestNegative that claim to help individuals pass these types of tests by detoxifying their system or masking the presence of drugs.

Blood tests are less common than urine tests but can still be administered in certain situations. These tests measure the actual amount of drugs or metabolites present in your bloodstream at the time of testing. Unfortunately, there aren't many reliable methods for passing a blood test if kratom is still present in your system.

Saliva tests are becoming more popular as they provide quicker results than other methods. These swab-based kits detect recent drug use within a few hours or days prior to the test. While some mouthwashes claim to help individuals pass these types of screenings, their effectiveness is questionable when it comes specifically to kratom detection.

Hair follicle testing is another method utilized for detecting long-term drug use patterns. This type of screening can detect substance use dating back several months or even years depending on how fast an individual's hair grows. Unfortunately, there isn't much evidence supporting any specific methods for beating this kind of test if kratom has been consumed recently.

In conclusion (not), understanding what type of drug test you may face is crucial when considering how best to prepare yourself if you're concerned about kratom showing up on a drug screen.



It is important to understand that kratom does indeed show up on drug tests. While it may not be a commonly tested substance, certain specialized drug tests can detect the presence of kratom alkaloids in the body.

If you find yourself facing a drug test and have recently consumed kratom, there are options available to help increase your chances of passing. TestClear and TestNegative are two reputable brands that offer detoxification products designed specifically for different types of drug tests.

Remember, it's crucial to determine what type of drug test you will be subjected to in order to choose the most appropriate product. Whether it's a urine test, blood test, or hair follicle test, these reliable detoxification solutions can assist you in eliminating any traces of kratom from your system.

However, keep in mind that no method is foolproof and success cannot be guaranteed. It's always best to exercise caution and make informed decisions regarding your consumption habits if under scrutiny by employers or legal authorities.

While there is ongoing debate surrounding the legality and safety of using kratom as an alternative medicine or recreational substance, remaining aware of its potential implications on drug testing is essential. Always consult with professionals or seek accurate information before making any decisions about consuming substances like kratom.

Staying knowledgeable about how different substances interact with our bodies ensures we make responsible choices for ourselves and those around us. 


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