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The Tax Implications on Online betting in India

Updated on: 23 June,2021 12:00 AM IST  |  Mumbai
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The laws and legal activities in India on betting and gambling are not that clear, so the people of this country do not understand what to do in betting and gambling

The Tax Implications on Online betting in India


As Indians, we need to sort the diversity of income even though we have a regular-based income through the jobs and work we do. But that income had taken a hit when the government imposed the lockdown in 2020 due to the world pandemic created by Corona Virus. The lockdown had popularised online betting and gambling activities in the country. One might say that lockdown has benefited only the online betting and gambling sectors as people were free to bet and gamble while the stay-at-home was instructed.

The laws and legal activities in India on betting and gambling are not that clear, so the people of this country do not understand what to do in betting and gambling. But still, these activities are carried out on online and offline platforms. The Indians citizens who have been engaged in this platform have made profits.

betting is not just limited to cricket, which is the favourite and followed game in the country. But online and offline betting is done on other sports, politics, weather, dice, or teen Patti. The people of India love to place a bet on everything which involves a chance. They can take risks and even ready to lose everything. That is why Online cricket betting and gambling have been hugely successful in India.


The income tax rules of Online gambling and betting –

The income tax in India has set rules on every activity where there is the involvement of money, and there are provisions for the income earned from the online betting and gambling source. They fall under section 115BB of income tax. Income tax charges the winning amount from online betting and gambling activity. The IT – Income Tax department has taken 30 percent, including the cess, which amounts to 31.2 percent of the net rate.

The tax exemption benefits do not apply to this part of income, and that also means one cannot claim the benefits on housing rents, house loans, leave and travel allowance etc. There are many ways to describe this section of the Income Tax Act, and the income tax slab is also not available on these types of income.

The bettors and gamblers who win an amount through online betting and gambling activity receive the prize money. But after the deduction from the source of TDS, if the prize money is more than ten thousand. If a player wins prize money of twenty thousand from an online source of betting, then the TDS is cut to 31.2 percent according to the 194B act, and the player gets only 13,760 rupees.

Suppose the player wins a car, bike, gold, electronic gadgets or more. Then the prize distributors should pay that liable income tax before they hand that prize to the winner. According to the market value, the tax income is paid. The prize distributor can take the tax amount from the winner to get free of the tax burden, or the prize distributor can also bear the tax amount if they want. 


Tips for the Online bettors and gamblers in India –

The bettors and gamblers should not worry about the legal procedure of betting in India. But they should disclose their income and report to the income tax if they have earned through the online betting source when they fill the ITR – Income Tax Returns.

The Indian players should be away from the fraud and illegal sites that are opening for India and the world. It is important to go on to a trusted website or app of online betting. My betting. in is the trusted, legal and site which our fellow Indians should follow. The site can help Indian players start online betting and gambling legally, fast, and free.

The Last Word -     

In short, one should know that online betting and gambling activities must be paid through income tax in this country. Technology has been a big help for Indian bettors and gamblers. Now the Indian players can bet and gamble legally, fast, secure, and ensure full compliance with the income tax laws.            

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