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Live Updates: Narendra Modi addresses Nation; Youth of Jammu and Kashmir will lead development work

Aug 09, 2019, 11:37 IST | mid-day online correspondent Check for updates

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation about the scrapping of Article 370 and reaches out to the country a few days before his formal speech on the occasion of India's 73rd Independence Day.

  • Aug 08, 2019, 20:50 IST

    Before ending his speech addressing the nation, PM Modi said, "I want to make it clear, your representative will be elected by you, your representative will come from amongst you... I have complete faith, under this new system we all will be able to free Jammu and Kashmir of terrorism and separatism."

  • Aug 08, 2019, 20:44 IST

    Ahead of the festival of Eid, PM Modi said: Holy festival of Eid is also about to come. I wish everyone on this occasion. We are making sure that people in Jammu and Kashmir have no problem in celebrating Eid. Those from Jammu and Kashmir who live elsewhere and want to go to J&K to celebrate the festival will be helped in it by us.

  • Aug 08, 2019, 20:44 IST

    PM Narendra Modi to the people of the nation: I want to tell everyone, that any problem of people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh is also our problem. We are with them in their happy moments and their sad moments.

  • Aug 08, 2019, 20:42 IST

    Clearing doubts regarding the status of Jammu and Kashmir, PM Modi says that Jammu and Kashmir is made a Union Territory only for a short while. While Ladakh will continue to stay as a Union Territory.

  • Aug 08, 2019, 20:40 IST

    PM Modi in his speech to the nation, "You will choose your representatives. Just like you had MLAs and ministers, you will have the same. Just like you had a CM, you will have your CM. I have full faith that under this new arrangement, we will destroy terrorism and free Jammu and Kashmir."

  • Aug 08, 2019, 20:34 IST

    "Decades of dynasty rule in Jammu and Kashmir prevented the youth from political leadership. Now my youth of Jammu and Kashmir will lead the development work and take the region to new heights," says PM Modi.

  • Aug 08, 2019, 20:33 IST

    PM Modi in his address to the nation said that those who migrated in 1947 were allowed to contest and vote in the Lok Sabha Elections but not in the Jammu and Kashmir assembly elections or any local body elections due to Artical370.

  • Aug 08, 2019, 20:30 IST

    Speaking on travel and tourism in Jammu and Kashmir, PM Modi says, "Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh have the potential to be the biggest tourist hub of the world. There was a time when Kashmir was the favorite destination of Bollywood filmmakers, I am confident that in future even international films will be shot there."

  • Aug 08, 2019, 20:28 IST

    On Article 370 being scrapped, PM Modi says, "The decision to keep J&K directly under Central administration for a brief period was a well thought over decision. Since Governor rule was implemented in J&K, state admin has been directly in touch with Centre due to which the effects of good governance can be seen on the ground."

  • Aug 08, 2019, 20:25 IST

    Article 370 did not give anything more than terrorism and corruption, says PM Modi in his speech addressing the nation.

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  • Aug 08, 2019, 20:16 IST

    Article 370, Article 35A gave Jammu and Kashmir separatism, terrorism, nepotism, and rampant corruption. Both these articles were being used as a weapon by Pakistan to provoke the sentiments of some people against our country, says PM Modi in his speech.

  • Aug 08, 2019, 20:12 IST

    PM Narendra Modi in his address to the nation, "We have taken a historic decision on Jammu and Kashmir."

  • Aug 08, 2019, 20:07 IST

    Addressing the nation, PM Narendra Modi with reference to the scrapping of Article 370 said, "The dream of Sardar Patel, Baba Saheb Ambedkar, Dr. Syama Prasad Mukherjee, Atalji and of crores of patriots has been fulfilled."

  • Aug 08, 2019, 20:06 IST

    PM Narendra Modi in his speech says, "I congratulate people of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh and the whole nation. When some things are their forever we presume they will never change or go away. Article 370 was something similar."

  • Aug 08, 2019, 20:01 IST

    PM Narendra Modi tweets that his address is to the people of India

  • Aug 08, 2019, 19:58 IST

    BJP governed states will pass a resolution to felicitate Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Central Government for repealing Article 370, reports ANI.

  • Aug 08, 2019, 19:54 IST

    Additional Secretary of the National Security Council said that he is optimistic about the restrictions in Jammu and Kashmir would be lifted in a few days, reports ANI.

  • Aug 08, 2019, 19:50 IST

    In a series of tweet, Modi said that Jammu and Kashmir is now free from the shackles of vested interest groups who believed in emotional blackmail.

  • Aug 08, 2019, 19:40 IST

    In a series of tweets, which were in five different languages - English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, and Ladakhi, PM Modi said that Jammu and Kashmir will become a state once again one day after situation improves. He also assured that the state will not remain a union territory forever.

  • Aug 08, 2019, 19:25 IST

    On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached out to people of Jammu and Kashmir assuring them that the change would spell their liberation from corruption. Modi's message came after the abrogation of Article 370 in the parliament.

  • Aug 08, 2019, 19:13 IST

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be addressing the nation today in what is known to be a bid to reach out to the people of Jammu and Kashmir after the government passed the Jammu and Kashmir (Reorganisation) Bill 2019 on August 5, 2019 As many as 370 members of parliaments (MPs) voted in favour and 70 against the bill.

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