10 trio of brothers in Bollywood

Updated: Feb 23, 2020, 08:21 | Nandish
  • Chetan (middle) is credited with giving Hindi cinema one of its all-time classics with his directorial debut 'Neecha Nagar'. He went on to helm many more successful projects. Dev Anand (left) is remembered as the evergreen hero till date, who also introduced numerous fresh faces. Vijay (right), on the other hand, gained fame as a director with cult movies like 'Teesri Manzil' and 'Guide'.

  • Raj Kapoor's sons continued the great filmy tradition. Of the three, Rishi Kapoor achieved stardom as a hero, Randhir Kapoor was a moderately successful actor-director while Rajiv Kapoor was unsuccessful as both actor and filmmaker.

  • No doubt as to who is the most successful one from the trio. While Salman Khan continues to break box-office records, Sohail and Arbaaz didn't do considerably well as actors, and are now trying to reinvent themselves as actors and filmmakers.

  • While Aditya Roy Kapur has tasted success in mainstream cinema with 'Aashiqui 2' and 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani', Kunaal Roy Kapur has featured in off-beat movies like 'Delhi Belly' and 'Nautanki Saala'. Siddharth Roy Kapur, who is married to actress Vidya Balan, is a biz whiz.

  • Bollywood's first family saw three brothers rule the film industry. Raj, widely known as the showman, tasted massive success as an actor as well as a producer-director. Shammi Kapoor gained fame as a dancing star while Shashi Kapoor (sitting, right) made a name as a versatile actor. Unlike Raj, Shammi and Shashi couldn't achieve much as filmmakers.

  • While Amrish Puri will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the greatest villains of Indian cinema, Madan also established himself as a noted villain apart from playing numerous supporting characters. Their elder brother Chaman (right) was also seen as a character actor in a number of successful films.

  • Feroz Khan is remembered as the suavest star in Bollywood, who gave memorable performances in 'Qurbani' and 'Janbaaz' among others. Sanjay Khan couldn't achieve much as an actor on the big screen but is best known as television's Tipu Sultan. Akbar (right) is synonymous as the director of the lavish 2005 film 'Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story', which didn't do well at the box office.

  • Of the three, Anil Kapoor is one of the most successful actors of Hindi cinema and continues to go strong. As a producer, Boney Kapoor has to his credit massive hits like 'Mr. India' and 'No Entry'. Sanjay Kapoor is the least successful of the three and delivered only a couple of hits as an actor.

  • As a pair, the director duo of Abbas-Mustan has delivered thrillers like 'Khiladi', 'Baazigar', 'Soldier' and 'Race'. Their lesser-known brother, Hussain, is an editor in Hindi and Gujarati films.

  • They featured as brothers in 'Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi', which is a laugh riot. By that time, Ashok was an established star. Kishore began as an actor-singer, but by the 70s he had made a name for himself as the voice of every Hindi cinema superstar. Anoop's career never took off, and he had to contend with supporting roles.

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