These fake rape cases by women will leave you shocked!

Dec 02, 2018, 16:03 IST
  • These fake rape cases by women will leave you shocked!

    In another case of fake rape charges, a 20-year-old woman charged a 34-year-old man with rape, unintentionally. The man reportedly promised the woman that he would marry her. They had a physically intimate relationship, but she later found out that he was already married. The woman in question wanted to file a case of cheating against the man, but she alleged that the police booked him for rape, under section 376 of the IPC. The case was filed in May 2016 and the FIR was quashed later that year

  • These fake rape cases by women will leave you shocked!

    A 38-year-old man was granted bail by the Sessions court on 22nd February 2017 after a 17-year-old girl implicated him. She had earlier alleged that he had raped her. But, in reality, she was in a physical relationship with her friend’s brother and was five months pregnant. Fearing her family’s outrage, she implicated the man

  • These fake rape cases by women will leave you shocked!

    A 26-year-old nurse working at a Thane-based hospital, fed up of the fights at home, faked her kidnapping to harass her husband. In her complaint on 13th June 2017, the woman said she was kidnapped by an auto-rickshaw driver along with two other people, who used chloroform to make her unconscious and sexually assaulted her. She claimed she boarded an auto-rickshaw from Hari Niwas circle near Naupada.  The Naupada police had registered a case and found out, during investigation, that she had faked the case

  • These fake rape cases by women will leave you shocked!

    A 20-year-old college girl had gone to Charkop police station on 7th July 2017 and claimed that she was kidnapped and raped by three men in a moving car. She told the police that one morning when she was on her way to college, an Ecco car stopped in front of her and she was dragged inside it. She also claimed she was thrown out of the car near Aksa beach after her limbs were tied with a rope. The girl’s lies came to light after the police checked CCTV footage in the area she said she was at and found out that she was never there. The girl then confessed that she levelled charges of rape against her friend after he abused her mother

  • These fake rape cases by women will leave you shocked!

    Cops arrested a 25-year-old woman from Pune, who runs an extortion racket with a team of four women and a man in July 2016 after a complaint filed against them. The police zeroed in on the gang after a Kolewadi resident lodged a complaint saying that he was called by a woman on July 3rd, identifying herself as Vanita. She said she wanted to meet and discuss a housing project. On meeting, the lady asked him to take her out for coffee and he thwarted her advances. After finally going to the coffee shop, her entire gang turned up, said they were social workers and accused him of raping her. They demanded Rs 5 lakhs from him and assaulted him when he refused. They also stole money and his watch from him

  • These fake rape cases by women will leave you shocked!

    A 32-year-old Kalwa homemaker who had levelled allegations of rape and chemical attack against six men on 25th July 2017 had apparently cooked up the story to settle a score with them. The claim came undone when a medical examination found only small injuries on her chest, not consistent with the assault she described. Further questioning of the woman and her 14-year-old daughter helped the police nail her lies due to the disparate statements. Moreover, the three men were at Kalaburagi in Karnataka and the police said that it was close to impossible for them to have travelled to Kalwa in such a short period of time

  • These fake rape cases by women will leave you shocked!

    In another shocking false rape accusation, a woman from Indore was arrested by Anjuna police, after she accused a Mumbai based businessman of raping her. The whole ordeal started in 2016 when the woman alleged that the 56-year-old man took her to a hotel room in Anjuna and raped her. The businessman was cleared after the police verified that he was present at Mumbai during the time of the rape through his cells phone and CCTV footage

  • These fake rape cases by women will leave you shocked!

    A woman approached the court stating that she had filed a fake rape case against her ex-lover after he went incommunicado for a week. The 28-year-old man was acquitted by the court of rape charges after the complainant after his wife admitted that she filed a fake case against him. The woman also said that she got pregnant in 2015 but had the fetus aborted after the accused asked her to

  • These fake rape cases by women will leave you shocked!

    For a 44-year-old Delhi estate agent, the rape allegations levelled against him in June 2015 ruined his life. It all started when he caught a female employee embezzling from him. Out of spite, the lady coerced another woman to pose as a potential buyer and lure him to a flat. The next thing Gupta knew, rape charges were being levelled against him. The charges were later dropped after the woman recanted her story when the case went to court and CCTV evidence was provided

  • These fake rape cases by women will leave you shocked!

    In an extremely convoluted incident, a woman was charged with perjury after a Delhi court found that she had filed false rape charges against three men. The entire case started in June 2014, when the woman filed a complaint at Hari Nagar Police Station alleging that three men had raped her. It was later discovered that the woman had done so at the behest of her husband and his friend who believed that the three accused had stolen gold ornaments from the lady’s house

  • These fake rape cases by women will leave you shocked!

    A Haryana-based model was arrested for filing a series of fake rape and molestation cases across the country. Besides political leaders and government officials, she had also levelled charges against cops. Her story was proven to be lies after she charged a young BJP leader and a policeman with rape charges. On further investigation, it was found to be false. Further, an RTI revealed that the woman had also filed similar cases against various government officials across the country. Her victims included a Haryana forest officer and an inspector of Hisar Civil Line police station

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