A peep into Mouni Roy's Kitchen Diaries during the time of self-quarantine

Updated: Mar 25, 2020, 10:43 | Pratiksha Mestry
  • Mouni Roy is not only on a photo-sharing spree, but the Bollywood actress is also trying her hand into cooking. During this self-quarantine period, the actress has shared some pretty images from the lockdown. All pictures/Mouni Roy's Instagram account.

  • Sharing how she is spending time, Mouni Roy captioned this picture, "Someone once said practice before you can preach, as you can see it’s been a while being self quarantined am trying to find ways to be productive, use my time widely to spend time with the humans I adore, practice patience and love, pray & meditate for an hour every day at least; acquired a newfound interest in cooking (dunno how long that ll last) which am trying to participate in everyday [sic]"

  • Spending some time with her nephew, Mouni Roy also went vegetable plucking in her kitchen garden. "Only pluck the red tomatoes", said jiju; so we did [sic]" shared the actress with a cute picture.

  • The actress also tried her hand in making a few pizzas, that too at home! Amazing, isn't it? "Homebound so different pizzas for all our taste buds," shared Mouni Roy!

  • This huge table spread caught our eye and how! This is just everything we all wish to eat right away, but by ordering online, instead of spending hours of cooking. Mouni shared this picture and wrote, "Homebound so.... Pasta in pesto sauce, Pasta in mushroom sauce, Ravioli, Truffle mashed potatoes, Garlic bread, Salad, Moroccan spiced salmon [sic]"

  • Apart from praying, meditating and cooking, Mouni Roy has left no stone unturned to keep the fans posted with her day to day quarantine situation.

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Mouni Roy is on a cooking spree as she is into self-quarantine during the lockdown period in India. We have pictures