A walk down memory lane with Shashi Kapoor's wife Jennifer Kendal
Mar 01, 2018, 12:55 IST

Shashi Kapoor with wife Jennifer Kendal. Speaking about how he met Jennifer the first time, Shashi Kapoor had once said, "While with Prithvi Theatre, one day I saw a beautiful girl with a scarf and heavy eardrops sitting in the audience. That moment was the turning point in my life. Two years later, I married Jennifer."

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Jennifer Kendal, daughter of Shakespearana's Goeffrey Kendal, married Shashi Kapoor in July 1958. She was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer in 1982 and died of the disease in 1984. As it was her birth anniversary on 28th March, here's a look at some precious picture from the archives of Jennifer Kapoor