Actors who reveled in Hollywood biopics
Feb 10, 2018, 08:05 IST

The Man Who Knew Infinity: Mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan's (Dev Patel) life was no fairy tale. Hailing from a poor Brahmin family in Madras, where he worked as a clerk and was mentored by Narayana Iyer (Dhritiman Chatterjee) who encouraged him to pursue a higher goal - that of going to Cambridge and getting his unique work published. Once in Cambridge, despite the racial abuse and neglect, he was able to live up to his goal. The movie encapsulates Ramanujan's conflicts with custom, alienation from the people around him and the deepest desire to master numbers while conforming within the confines of society. In the toughest role of his career, Dev Patel manages to get to the ethos and nobility within. He performs it with charismatic reverence. Pic/YouTube

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We look at Slumdog actor Dev Patel, Meryl Streep, Leonardo Di Caprio and other Hollywood celebrities who reveled in Hollywood biopics...