Amid coronavirus outbreak, 'Go Corona, Corona Go' chants, songs of solidarity amuse netizens

Updated: Mar 18, 2020, 10:04 | Sunny Rodricks
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    Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, Dr Abdu Sharkawy took to Facebook and shared a heartfelt post about how he wasn't not afraid of the pandemic but the outcomes of a mass panic that gripped the world due to COVID-19. Sharkawy also expressed his concern over the N95 masks which are meant for patients but were stolen from hospitals and were worn to malls, airports and coffee lounges, instilling more fear among the people. The post received over 6,00,000 likes with over 100 users thanking the for making them aware of the facts. 

  • In India, a hilarious video showing women singing and pleading Coronavirus to leave the country left netizens amused. In the viral video, a group of women were seen singing the song like a bhajan. "Corona bhag ja, bharat me tharo kain kam re, corona bhag ja," the women sang. The hilarious video garnered over one million views and about 25,000 shares.

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19

    Another video which took netizens by suprise was the one that featured Union Minister Ramdas Athawale. In the video, Ramdas Athawale, along with Chinese Consul General Tang Guocai and Buddhist monks was seen chanting 'Go corona, go corona' during a prayer meet. The viral video was shot at Gateway of India on February 20 during a prayer session to stop the spread of the coronavirus in China. 

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19

    Amidst the coronavirus fear, citizens of BDD Chawl in Mumbai's Worli burnt an effigy of 'Coronasur' on the occasion of Holika Dahan. The effigy of coronasur represented the deadly pandemic COVID-19. The Coronasur effigy made by Veer Netaji Krida Mandal at 79/49 BDD Chawl, Worli took netizens by suprise. 

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19

    While bhajans, songs won hearts of netizens and made them smile during the coronavirus scare, a school in Varanasi issued a dos and donts list titled 'karo na' (don't do) to create awareness and remove misconceptions among students. The 'karo na' list asked children not to shake hands or hug each other, not to share tiffins and not to drink water from another's bottle. The students were also asked not to share towels and handkerchiefs. 

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19

    While the World Health Organization (WHO) declared coronavirus a pandemic, a heartwarming picture of a COVID-19 patient watching the sunset with his doctor brought smile to millions of people across the globe. In the viral picture, an 87-year-old patient can be seen enjoying the sunset with his 22-year-old doctor outside a hospital Wuhan, China. 

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19

    A viral video shared by UNICEF showing the importance of washing hands to fight coronaviris left netizens in awe. In the video, a Vietnamese dancer is seen performing a 'hand-washing dance' to show how one should wash their hands in order to protect themselves from the pandemic. The video, which amassed nearly 2,00,000 views warned people on how to protect themselves from the deadly virus.

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19

    In order to dismiss rumours that the contagious pandemic was spreading due to eggs and chicken, politicians in Telengana ate chicken on stage. Dressed in crisp, white shirts and holding fried chicken legs in their hands, Telangana ministers were seen digging into chicken pieces in order to dispel fears that coronavirus is spread by eating chicken and eggs.

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19

    Diary brand Amul came up with an interesting and inovative doodle in order to create awareness among people on healthy hygienic practices. In its iconic cartoon, the Amul girl can be seen rinsing her hands in a washbasin. Creating awareness on the lines of 'Prevention is better than cure', the Amul cartoon caption on coronavirus read: Better saaf than sorry! The doodle won many hearts and urged people to adopt healthy hygiene practices amidst the pandemic outbreak.

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    A heartbreaking picture of two elderly coronavirus patients bidding goodbye to each other at a hospital brought tears to many. In the viral video, the two coronavirus patients who are in their 80s are seen saying a final goodbye during their last meet and greet in the hospital ICU. The viral video left many heartbroken with one user stating that the images of humans suffering are unimaginable!

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    While people across the globe started taking necessary precautions to steer clear from the contagious pandemic, industralist Anand Mahindra shared a innovative solution to make face mask at home. In the video, a woman can be seen making a face mask using everyday items such as tissue paper roll, two elastic rubber bands and a stapler. The viral video educated people on how to make face masks at home without spending much time amidst the testing times.

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    Sharing a picture where her face can be seen badly bruised due to the face mask, an Italian nurse revealed chilling details of treating coronavirus patients. In her post, the nurse said that she was physically tired and afraid to go to work due to the outbreak of the contagious pandemic. Nurse Alessia Bonari said that the protective devices are bad, the lab coat makes her sweat and once dressed, she can no longer go to the bathroom or drink for six hours. The chilling details brought about the world's attention to how doctors and medical professionals are living in the fear of contracting the virus while treating COVID-19 patients.

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19

    Netizens were left shocked and surprised when a tweet of 2013 predicted the coming of Coronavirus. The tweet, which was posted in 2013 read: Corona virus....its coming! The old tweet from 2013 went viral and left Twitterati with several doubts. The viral tweet garnered over 1 lakh likes and about 70,000 re-tweets.

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19

    While life came to a standstill in Italy due to coronavirus outbreak, a viral video showing people singing amidst lock-down in the country reflected the true spirit of the Italians. In the video, Italians can be seen singing Canto della Verbena, a popular traditional folk song in solidarity as they fight the contagious pandemic. The viral video garnered over 5 million views with Twitterati lauding the true spirit of Italians as they showed the world how to fight COVID-19.

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    A young singer won Anand Mahindra and Twitterati's hearts when she gave a spin to Camilla Cabello’s popular hit Havana and turned it into a coronavirus song. Rashmi Shaarvi shared a heartwarming video of herself singing the corona song, in which she spoke about instructions on how to maintain hygiene to steer clear of Coronavirus. 

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19

    An animated video proved why social distancing is one of the most useful ways that people need to follow in order to fight coronavirus. The 12 second 3D animated video clip shows a row of matchsticks being lit and one of them stepping out of the crowd, thereby stopping the fire from spreading any further. 

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