Ankita Konwar-Milind Soman's quarantine look no less than a dreamy affair!

Updated: Apr 29, 2020, 08:10 | Pratiksha Mestry
  • Ankita Konwar, Milind Soman

    Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar, who recently celebrated two years of marital bliss, have been sharing pretty pictures amid the lockdown. In this one, Ankita wrote, "When #socialdistancing was not necessary and also one could go diving when they felt like 
    @milindrunning in his element and @anamenon17 and I are still unaware that the photograph has already been taken. Thank you @angadmen0n for this actual candid [sic]" All pictures/Ankita Konwar and Milind Soman's Instagram account

  • Ankita Konwar, Milind Soman

    A pretty picture from their special day, Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar shared a sweet chapter of their life. Milind captioned, "my day lights up when you smile, and I will do all I can to keep it that way its 2 happy years today, so happy earth day @ankita_earthy .. p.s that's the only day I remember in the last 6 years that you were ready before me [sic]"

  • Ankita Konwar, Milind Soman

    The fitness enthusiast also shared a video where he is seen skipping with his mother. The actor wrote, "Skipping with @somanusha! Not a new activity for her but new for me when you are at home 24×7, each one, teach one another! You are old only when you think you are.. #LockdownMantra. #keepmoving #NeverStop #nevergiveup #love [sic]"

  • Ankita Konwar, Milind Soman

    Milind Soman has been finding ways to work out at home during this quarantine session and his wife Ankita turned out to be a true help. "Work with what you have! To all the people who said they had no time, now you do no drug, no vaccine works better than a fully functioning immune system, and this system needs exercise to keep it working well. Try simple, effective exercises like Surya Namaskar to improve overall body function. Don't try lifting your wife as your first exercise. Started with 5 and till 14th April will build the number to 12! Thank you @ankita_earthy [sic]"

  • Ankita Konwar, Milind Soman

    Ankita's posts too are getting cuter as the days passes! "Dedicated today to annoying this little cutie here #nuitthecat #petstagram #catforapet #catsofinstagram. Btw you can see that she really likes to scratch that chair @milindrunning [sic]"

  • Ankita Konwar, Milind Soman

    This post will surely melt your heart! "Then and Now. This day, 2 years back I vowed to be with you and be your partner in everything. So today when you asked if I would climb 300 floors with you to celebrate the beginning of the 3rd year of our marriage, I of course said yes. I was surprised that I could do it with such ease. Although this day was supposed to be spent sipping a fruity drink somewhere far away in the middle of the Indian ocean, this right here doesn't seem bad either. Eating home cooked meal and drinking kokum sherbet is fantastic too. In short, everything and everywhere is beautiful with you. We’ve got this, as long as we have each other. Love you with all of me, my love [sic]"

  • Ankita Konwar, Milind Soman

    One more post shared by Ankita Konwar read, "There's just so much to be grateful for every day! Like this man learning how to cook my favourite #cheeseomelette and letting me workout while he cooks (because he finished his workout earlier of course) Like fixing my #haldimilk every night or cheering me up with an egg fight (old Assamese custom) during Bihu because I couldn't visit my family. I'm grateful for you, every day! You are the best partner anyone can think of. Love you forever [sic]"

  • Ankita Konwar, Milind Soman

    Three cheers to the most adorable couple of B-town! 

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