Artist Rouble Nagi looks radiant in these 15 ethnic outfits

Updated: Dec 07, 2019, 08:14 | Jonita Colaco
  • Rouble Nagi

    Born in Jammu and Kashmir, Rouble Nagi has expertise in 33 different mediums that include Ceramic, Glass, Tile Mosaics, Bronze, Stain Glass, Paint, Metal Relief (Brass, Copper, Aluminum) Ceramic Tiles, Marble, Fibre etc. Her predominant work includes sculpture and mural work.

  • Rouble Nagi

    She is the founder of NGO Rouble Nagi Art Foundation. Under this initiative of a Mumbai-based artist and the NGO, the slums in Pune were painted with an aim to change the mindset of people.

    In photo: Nagi poses for the lenses in a printed salwar suit. The green and white pearl necklace add to her look. 

  • Rouble Nagi

    Talking about the initiative to paint the slums, Rouble Nagi had said her main aim was to connect to these people through art. "Our main aim is not to colour the walls but bring a change in their mindset."

    In photo: Rouble Nagi celebrated International Women's Day with 650 plus women in Parvati Hill, Janta Vasahat, Pune, and donned a saree in the Marathi tradition. 

  • Rouble Nagi

    In this photo, Rouble weas a yellow saree with a bright pink blouse. The neckpice, gajra and red bangles add to the social activist's look. 

  • Rouble Nagi

    Rouble is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed artist with over 800 murals, over 150 exhibitions across the world to her credit. She is a member of the India Design Council (IDC) and is one of the pioneers to start Mumbai beautification with 'Art Installations' around the city, which later went to Mumbai. 

  • Rouble Nagi

    She promotes young and talented artists from India and overseas and the Rouble Nagi Art Foundation also conducts art workshops throughout the nation with over 32 Balwadis in Mumbai. 

  • Rouble Nagi

    In this photo, Rouble Negi dons a white, soft netted saree with a light blue blouse. The sleeves of the blouse make her stand out in this look. 

  • Rouble Nagi

    Her Design Studio in Mumbai celebrates art, fuels creativity, enhances spaces and gives inspiration. According to her website, the design studio is committed to promoting excellence and genuine quality in art.

  • Rouble Nagi

    It believes that art is not only an enriching factor of life but also essential to the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Therefore, aesthetic beautification of spaces with artworks and installations is something that they take seriously.

  • Rouble Nagi

    It seems like she has a liking towards the colour white, especially when it comes to the ethnic looks. The golden border on this saree and her quirky purse add to this ethnic look. 

  • Rouble Nagi

    In this pink saree with an embellished border, Rouble shows off her mehendi during an event she attended. The golden bangles, light earrings and minimal make up make her look surreal. 

  • Rouble Nagi

    "Blessed to be working in Sai babas divine city Shirdi. Misaal Mumbai is beautifying the entire city with Art and Sculptures. Rouble Nagi Art Foundation will be opening the Balwadi and Skill centre soon for Education and Employment," she said on Instagram, while posing against a wall with artwork.

  • Rouble Nagi

    Rouble Nagi's initiative 'Misaal Mumbai' is the first slum painting initiative in the country where she has painted over 2,000 houses. Her paintings are collected by corporates, celebrities and museums.

  • Rouble Nagi

    For Diwali, Rouble donned a plain white saree with polka dots and looked radiant. The shining bindi and earrings added to her simple, yet classy look. 

  • Rouble Nagi

    "Empowering women empowers humanity...We have to leave no one behind to achieve the goals.. If empowered, the hand that rocks the cradle can surely rule the world, complementing, contributing, creating a better tomorrow for everyone," Rouble said on the ocassion of Women's Day. 

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About The Gallery

Mumbai-based Rouble Nagi is quite a bag of talent. Artist, muralist and social worker, she is a renowned, award-winning artist who puts her talents to work for the betterment of society. Born in Jammu and Kashmir, Nagi completed her undergraduate studies in political science and pursued fine art at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. She has also studied European Art at Sotheby's London. Always stunning in ethnic looks, here are a few snapshots.

(All photos: Rouble Nagi/Instagram)